Essay on literacy For Kids & Students

Introduction – Literacy means ability to read and write. Every citizen in each and every country of this world have the right to study and read and write and become literate. Otherwise a person who is illiterate has to undergo a lot of hardships and struggles. Times have changed, and to keep up the pace with this changing environment, it is better to learn reading and writing. With changing technology and everything going digital, a person can actually find a great job and can survive. But how does this learning begin? It is said that education begins at home, the family and the parents of the child are his first and foremost teachers and that they should push their kids for a better tomorrow.

Why is literacy important?

If a person is not able to decipher the activities going on around him, he will feel stresses and demoralized. Literacy is not only a factor in the development of an individual but also a country. The progress of the nation is calculated on the basis of its education residents. More and more literate residents means more and rapid progression in the economical world. And if the residents are uneducated, the progress of the country comes to a standstill. It is therefore the very basic and most important need of people across the world. Literacy is also important for humans as if a person is literate he or she will know the way to communicate or reason with someone else. Other functions being the calculation of expenditure and further planning are also easy for a person who is educated. The basic education any human being should acquire is reading, writing and calculating.

Initiatives in India

There are a number of initiatives being taken by the Indian Government to curb illiteracy. There are a number of night schools which help the children who are made to work during the day. Awareness programs are launched in villages, towns, cities, and districts so that more and more people could come forward and provide a formal education to their children. Various kinds of scholarships and schemes are launched which ensure that children get to study and become successful one day. Children who cannot afford education are being given concessions so that they get the education.


Education particularly plays a very important role in making and designing the future of a person. It is therefore very important for all. Its value and need cannot be really denied. Education is not only important for the individual but society and country at large. It helps to make the country economically and socially strong.