Essay on My City Vijayawada For Kids & Students

Vijayawada is a city in Andhra Pradesh and it is situated on the banks of River Krishna. It is also the second most populated city in the state. The city is also the commercial capital of the state and it is also known as the Global City of the Future. The city has many beautiful places to visit and it is most famously known for the Prakasham Barrage, which is just opposite the Krishna River. The city has many temples and the most famous ones are the Durga Temple and the idol is known as the Swayambhu, which means Self-manifested.

The history of Vijayawada reveals that the city was ruled by the King Madhava Varma. The Chines Buddhist Scholar Xuanzang, also stayed for few years in the city around the 640 A.D because he wanted to copy the Abhidhamma Pitaka, which was one of the scriptures of the Theravada Buddhism. The city is covered by hills and canals. The climate of the city is very hot during the summers and it is cold during the winters.

The city is also very hot and humid. The people of Vijayawada speak Telugu. The people of this city celebrate all the festivals and there are people from different religions and cultures who are settled in the city. The most important festivals are the Durga Puja and Dussehra, which are celebrated near the Krishna River. There Muslims celebrates their festivals with joy and the Christians during the Christmas decorate their Church with lights. There is a Happy Sunday that is celebrated every first Sunday of the month and an event is organized where people gather and play sports, yoga, cultural events, and other things. The city also promotes the Telugu Arts. They also make Kondapalli toys, which are handcrafted by the artists of Kondapalli. The Victoria Jubilee Museum is also very famous and it has beautiful paintings from the 2nd and the 3rd centuries.