Essay on Generation Gap For Kids & Students


The term “Generation Gap” denotes the emotional and psychological gap between two generations – one past and the other present or the future. There has been a rapid change in the lifestyles, so many changes happening in the field of science and technology and it has changed our outlooks towards everything. Our grandparents and parents could not have the facilities we have today. Just two decades back things were pretty much simpler and without the complexities that are there presently. Though the kids today have a better exposure than our parents but the traditions and cultures have degenerated to a greater extent as the youth of today is following a new culture altogether. Parents find it extremely difficult to reconcile their differences with the children which is the major drawback of this generation gap.

Let us further understand the Generation Gap

Being grownups, did you ever feel that your parents are not able to understand you? Did you ever feel that they don’t treat you with respect? Did their behavior ever frustrate you? Did you ever feel that you do not belong with them? Or maybe you are from some other planet? These are few of the traits that you go through and this is termed as generation gap. Youth are in a rebellious mode and parents are not sure what to do and the situation at home becomes stressful and depressing. The point is that parents have seen so much in their life and they want only the good things for their kids and that is why they are always on the back of the kids. But kids feel like they are being restricted and that is surely a wrong notion.

How to bridge this gap?

The only way this gap can be bridged is through communication and understanding. If generation gap means lack of understanding and difference in the attitudes, it is important to develop the understanding and adopt the attitudes. Parents and kids need to be more and more understanding and receptive towards each other. The technology has evolved rapidly and this has changed our outlook towards life as well. But even then the children should not forget the sacrifices made by parents for their upbringing and even the parents need to communicate their expectations to their kids in the budding years. Parents and grandparents can adopt the new technologies and this will make them come on a common platform with the kids. And kids also need to understand that parents are going through the pressure of the society and there is a rat race going on everywhere, their parents are only trying to make things better for them.


Due to the constant changing times, parents are scared for the safety of their kids. Gone are the days when there used to 5-6 kids in one household and parents had a hard time attending to all. These days generally people have 2 kids and because of which the attention gets divided equally. This gap is only growing bigger and bigger by each passing day. Communication, understanding and affection are the only things which can help in bridging this gap altogether. Parents should tackle the situation and the youngsters very delicately and cleverly if they want to bridge the gap.