Essay on Life For Kids & Students


All beings born on this planet have a common journey which is the journey of life. Life is beautiful, is what we are being told since we were children but only if you know how to make it beautiful because if your life is a bed of roses it shall come with thorns too. You go through a lot of joys, disappointments, heartbreaks, rejections and so much more and yet you survive, you live and you move on. These tests and tribulations check our patience, courage and strength of character and they make us very strong. And surely there is no gain without any kind of pain. Only when you have toiled and worked hard, you will taste the success.

Rules of survival

There are a number of unwritten laws that one needs to follow if you want to make your life a successful one. You need to accept what life throws at you and be happy with it. But if you are not happy then you should give your 100% to make things right for you. Under any circumstances, do not crib or say negative things as when the negativity creeps up, it shall make you feel bogged down. Don’t fall for the illusions or else you will suffer from the frustration and depression. There will be pressure from everywhere, work, education, family and friends, and if you succumb to these pressures, you will only be creating difficulties for yourself. So the main thing is that you should always have a clear mind and clear plan of action.

We must always love ourselves first as if we love ourselves, we would be able to love others as well. Also one must be faithful to oneself as if you are not faithful to yourself, how can you expect others to be faithful to you. So remain true and faithful to yourself and care about the people who are there for you and who care for you. You must also never forget where you came from and who you are. Prioritize what is important to you and then work accordingly. Accept yourself, accept your flaws and work around them. Once you have accepted yourself fully, the criticism from the outer world would not mean anything at all. No one can use any of your flaws against you. So acceptance is the key to survival.

Chaos will always be there but treat it as a ladder to move up. Don’t just sit and cry over something which didn’t happen as per your wish. Work on it and make it as per your wish. Don’t let people see your sadness and tears. Always remember that in order to be successful in life, you need to be super practical. Not everyone who speaks in a friendly manner is your friend so just be aware and complete the journey of life.


Life is surely a bed of roses but it has a lot of challenges which need to be faced by all. It is like a game where you are playing and you either win or you die. So the best thing is that you play and keep playing till you ace this game.