Short Essay on Pollution For Kids & Students

The environment is the heart & soul of our ecosystem. Earth is nothing without the healthy Environment. A good environment relies on the healthy circumstances and pleasant atmosphere we create. In fact, all the living beings are either indirectly or directly connected to each other in the world. It is the duty of every one to keep the environment clean and healthy. But, with the drastic changes in the technology, humans are growing apparently and polluting the atmosphere. The term pollution belongs to the Latin word pollution, which is the process of making the environment dirty. Pollution has been the biggest problem in our country. It causes an environmental imbalance which led to the death of microorganism on the planet. Also, it threatens many living organisms in the world including human beings. A recent survey conducted by Columbia University has revealed that India stands 125th place in the list of top 135 countries with heavy pollution.

Causes of pollution

Environmental pollution is caused by contaminating the chemical and harmful substances in water, soil and air. The activities of human being directly impact on the environment, which affects the land, water, and air. Environmental pollution has been increasing due to the industrialization, bomb explosion, and deforestation.

Types of pollution

Pollution occurs in all forms of nature includes Soil, water, noise, heat, light, radioactive. In general, pollution can be categorized into two types: point source and Non point source. The point source can be easily identified and controlled, while the other one is hard to control.

Air pollution

Air pollution is a dangerous pollution, which can cause deadly disease. Smoke from vehicles, factories, and burning of trees are the main cause of Air pollution. The release of harmful gases such as Sulphur dioxide and carbon monoxide from Chimney causes acid rain. When we breathe the pollutant air, we might develop some health issues such as cancer, bronchitis, asthma and other such lung disease.

Water pollution

Water is the source of life. No living organism can survive in the world without water. Healthy water must be the basic need of human beings. But, fresh water gets polluted due to many factors. Water pollution is formed due to the mixing of industrial wastes with the fresh stagnant water. This pollutant water when reaches the sea, all living organism in the sea gets affected.

Soil Pollution

The foreign substances and waste exposed by the human beings are contaminating the natural resources. Also, the chemical nature of such pollutants continually affects the nature and ecosystem. These chemical pollutants can be the pesticide, fungicides, organic material, E-wastes, radioactive material and even poisonous gases.

Noise pollution

Noise pollution can be categorized into indoor and outdoor. Noise pollution can be caused by an explosion of bombs, cracking fireworks, industrialization and so on. Noise pollution ranges from 20 dB to 180 dB. When the rate of Noise pollution exceeds 180 dB, it can cause the death of humans.

Humans are the main cause of environmental pollution from exploding the bomb to deforestation to industrialization. We are unable to survive in the world if the environment gets polluted. So, it is the sole responsibility of every citizen to take care of the environment.