Essay on My City Mumbai For Kids & Students

My city Mumbai, which is also the dream city of many people was earlier known as Bombay.  The city is a hub of entertainment and is warm and welcoming to everyone. It is a megacity and is also the capital of Maharashtra. It is the most populated city in India and is the ninth biggest city in the world. The population of Mumbai is 18.4 Million. Mumbai was also named as the Alpha World City in the year 2008. Being the wealthiest city in India it also has the highest GDP. It also has the most numbers of Millionaires and Billionaires of the country. Mumbai is made of the seven islands, which was home to Koli people, who were the fishermen. The city has a major seaport at the Arabian Sea. The seven islands came together and formed the biggest city of the country – Mumbai.


The name Mumbai is taken from Mumba, which is the name of the goddess of the Koli, Agri and Lunar Dynasty. Before the British Raj, the Portuguese came and explored the city and it was then ruled by the Mughal Dynasty. In the year 1818, the British came to India and ruled the country. The place was ruled by many different dynasties before British overtook everything. In 1687, the English East India company changed its headquarters to Bombay from Surat and named it as Bombay Presidency. The Suez Canal, built in the year 1869, changed Bombay and converted into the biggest seaport of the Arabian Sea. After Independence, the Congress decided to name the city as an independent city but the proposal was refused on various grounds. Bombay then became the part of Maharashtra and also became its capital. Mumbai belonged to the ancient fishing community and now it is the commercial center of the country with the highest GDP and also the world’s most important filmy hub.

Art and Culture

Mumbai is a city with diversity and with so many people living in this city who has come from various regions of the world with different cultures, makes it colorful and lovable. The food, culture, music, and theatres are one of its kind and that is what attracts the people and the world. Mumbai is the also the birthplace of the Hindi cinema. The great man Dadasaheb Phalke was the one who laid the foundation. The cinematic experience for the people started with the silent film in the various Marathi theaters. Now Mumbai is the hub of cinema and entertainment. The city celebrates all the festivals with joy. The city also organizes various festivals for the people, which are worth seeing.


The people of Mumbai speak in Hindi. Though their regional language is Marathi, because of so many people from across the country living in this city, the common language to communicate in Hindi. English is also the most commonly spoken language in the city.