Essay on Clean Delhi Green Delhi

For years on end, we have been hearing this slogan which says- Clean Delhi, Green Delhi. Why do you think this carries so much significance in the life of a citizen? Here are a few reasons why it is important to keep our capital city clean and green.

  • Due to increasing pollution levels in our city, it is important we lay emphasis on making it green so as to, compensate for the loss that has happened to the environment.
  • Since it is our capital city, New Delhi should represent the culture of our nation which is best reflected it if it’s cleans and green.
  • A clean environment is in the best interest of the citizens of our city.
  • A greener city will ensure that its citizens are breathing clean air which is not polluted with disease-causing allergens.
  • Due to the worsening climate change which is happening all around the world, it is only good if we start to make a change towards it by keeping our own city clean and green.
  • A healthy mind stays in a healthy body is most commonly heard slogan but it is only possible if our surroundings are clean. Therefore, keep Delhi clean and green.

How can you keep Delhi clean and green?

  • Many people understand the importance of a clean and green Delhi but hardly anyone takes any step to ensure that their city is clean and therefore. Therefore, mentioned below are a few ways to ensure that Delhi is clean and green.
  • It is impossible for a single person to clean an entire city, as huge as New Delhi. Therefore, start with baby steps that are, to start cleaning your own surroundings such as in front of your home.
  • Once you have succeeded in keeping your house clean, start with cleaning the street you live in.
  • Promise yourself that you will never litter the roads, and if you see anyone doing that, throw the garbage in a dustbin.
  • Make a pact that you will plant a sapling every month; it does not have to be expensive. Any sort of plant or tree contributes in purifying the environment; therefore, it doesn’t matter if you plant a small shrub or huge tree.
  • Water the plants and trees that are grown around your home or street.
  • Quit smoking and raise awareness against smoking in your near and dear ones.
  • Join NGOs those who work for cleaning the streets and do not take it on your pride because it is for your own larger good.