Essay on Karnataka For Kids & Students

Karnataka is a very beautiful South Indian state situated alongside the famous mountain ranges of the western coast. It is a perfect blend of the most ideal state having perfectly designed planes and mesmerizing mountains along with a high literacy rate. The capital city of Karnataka is Bangalore which is IT capital of India. This state has three mighty rivers flowing through it, that is, Kaveri, Tunga, and Bhadra all of these flow eastwards towards the Bay of Bengal.

Interesting Facts about the origin of Karnataka

  • It was initially named as Mysore in 1956 when it was created but soon changed to Karnataka in 1973.
  • The first woman who fought against the injustices of British was from the Karnataka state named- Rani Chennamma who was the then queen of Kittur district.
  • The Jog falls in Karnataka has most beautiful landscape ever. It is also the second largest waterfall in India.
  • Having most coffee plantations of the country this state is also the biggest coffee exporter of our country.
  • Karnataka has the maximum population of tigers in the country with more than 410 tiger’s altogether.
  • The black ink which was earlier used in ballot paper elections was manufactured in Karnataka.
  • Karnataka is the only place in the world which is licensed to manufacture and sell the Indian tricolor flag.

Have you visited these places in Karnataka?

Bandipur National Park

It is safe to say that whoever visits this national park will surely spot one or more tigers lazing around or hunting a prey for it has a maximum number of tigers.


This hill station will make you feel as if you have reached in heaven itself. The green hills that are spread as far as your eyes can see and the clouds touching your face will make up the best experience.

Shivanasamudra falls

Situated 30 kilometers westwards of the Mysore City this waterfall is a must visit destination in Karnataka. As the name suggests it really is a heavenly sight for it means Shiva’s sea.

The Belur

Belur is a famous historic town known for the most famous Grand Hoysala Temple which was made to worship the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It is renowned for the intricate carvings and mesmerizing view.

The Dandeli

This state has a little sport for all the adventure heads as well. The Dandeli district which is situated on the banks of River Kali is home to some most amazing water sports. Every adventure head should visit the Dandeli state to experience the river rafting.

All the above listed things make Karnataka a must visit state of India. It is not only unique in every way but offers a unique sight which is hard to find elsewhere. As mentioned, its hilly regions are a blessing to mankind which can make you feel like you are witnessing the real heaven. If you have not already, then book your tickets and visit this beautiful state now!