Short Essay on Gardening

Gardening! It is a tough job. It can even be dirty work sometimes. You need to dig the Earth dig and make it soft and tender. Not just this- You have to think it through and plan well. You need to lay out beds for various types of plants. They require enormous care. They should get nourishment and water in time. This requires diligent work and it fills your body with soil and sweat and that is when you get dirty but sometimes that kind of dirt is also good and acceptable.

Along these lines, a Gardener needs to assume the part of a mother constantly and should behave like a caring mother like how a mother takes care of their children and never leave them alone in such a way you can’t leave your garden to the care of helpers. No great mother ever abandons her kids to any nurse or caretakers. She nourishes her kids with her own loving hands. Your garden, as well, needs your own care. It needs your affection. Your adoration causes it develops well. Your garden requires nourishment and water. In any case, most importantly, it requires your love and friendship. A plant is something living. It feels as men and humans feel. Thus, you should love leaves and flowers, as a mother loves her kids. You should touch them delicately and handle them with affection. Your delicate touch will influence them to be happy. Who won’t prefer to keep them happy?

How happy you feel in the group of these happy flowers! You feel youthful again among the wonderful flowers and plants of the garden! Your body and your brain get another life. You work with your hands and feet after the day’s worth of effort. How happy you feel! It is the absolute best of things that the plants need just like the human beings. Also, the magnificence of flowers is the best of tonics. How joyous you feel in the group of plants and flowers! They never betray you and all they do is grow and look out for your care.

It is so enchanting and relaxing to sit in a cool garden! That it is so happy to see a green garden and beautiful flowers! What a treat for your eyes! What’s more, what a relaxation for your brain, as well! Indeed, even a leaf instructs what several books can’t. How could Newton turn out to be such an incredible researcher? He watched the falling of an apple for a long time in a garden and found the Law of Gravitation. You, as well, can be a researcher if you watch plants and flowers bloom with your own eyes.

The interest of Gardening is useful for a healthy heart and a good heart, wellness, and even recreation. It includes physical exercises in the outdoor areas. The study of plant life is extremely intriguing. We get gigantic delight from seeing flowers, leaves, plants, and organic products bloom. Hence, Gardening is an interesting thing to and it de-stresses your mind and relaxes your mind body and soul.