Essay on the Importance of Adult Education

Every passing day we hear stories of crime against women and sexual harassment. Each and everyone are caught up with different suggestions about how to stop it. But is there a solution yet? Or maybe we are neglecting something which already exists! Yes, we are talking about adult education and how much important it is to stop the nasty crimes. As much as we cringe upon thinking about the name “Adult Education”, as much important it is if you seek for a permanent solution.

As elders said, something which is taught never really marks its existence, either. Education, from the beginning of the time, has been the key. It doesn’t have to be a fully fledged school education; adult education doesn’t mean studying books and passing examination. Adult education implies learning to respect everybody and controlling the need for your own. The results will not be in the form of grades but in form of new inculcated values of humanity against the opposite gender.

How can we include adult education in daily lives?

  • This is truly a parent’s task before it is on school authorities to choose to provide adult education to their child.
  • If a child knows the importance of respect and limits from an early age, he is more like to be a well mannered young man in later life.
  • Although most schools are taking up the responsibility of including adult education in the curriculum, parents should do that, too.
  • There have been incidences where parents have objected adult education, but it should be for them to provide this education to their child more than anyone else.
  • If you think you want your child to have this education you should contact the school authorities and ask them to include the importance of sex education in the curriculum.

Why is adult education most important now?

  • Unlike earlier days, a crime against women and unwanted teen pregnancies are uncommon today.
  • It is for the best of both the genders that they should know how to use precautions and what limits they need not cross.
  • Teenage is the most sensitive age of a person and he could mislead if lacks a proper guidance, therefore, adult education becomes most important now that he could lead a good life without ruining his or anybody else’s.
  • We can stop the crime if we take up the responsibility, this starts with your very own home and kid. No one is born criminal but lack of education could lead to animal-like, inhumane instincts and this is how one ruins his life.