Essay on Science- Its Advantages and Disadvantages

Science, as we all know, plays a major role in our day to day life. Because of science, we are having an easy life and we must give the scientists and their discoveries the credit. Science has been playing a big role in the world since many years and the discoveries made by the scientists are remarkable. Science has its own advantages and disadvantages and people should know that. Also, depending too much on technologies and scientific discoveries might not turn out to be fruitful. Science has always been a part of every individual’s life. It plays a major role in all the sectors of the life and therefore it is important to understand the pros and cons of science.

Advantages of Science

Science plays a big role in our life and there are many advantages of it such as-

  • Better transport- with the increase in science and its technology there have been many things that are being manufactured. In earlier days transportation was a problem but today because of various discoveries and improvements in the technologies transportation has become very simple and easy.
  • Better communication- Communication is a major thing and helps in sustaining the human touch. In earlier days people used to communicate through letters or by sending pigeons. But with the improvement in technology and science, the ways of communication has improved and people now can even see each other while talking. It is giving a rise to the virtual world.
  • Increase in productivity- with the improvement in science a lot of machines are being invented which helps in increasing the productivity in the factories and generating higher revenues. It has also made the human work simpler and easier.
  • Improved health- Every day there is a new discovery in the medical sector and the scientists are making new medicines to fight the problems that are being faced by people.
  • Helps in being aware- With the improvement in science, people are getting aware of the surroundings and other things as well.

Disadvantages of science

With many advantages come certain disadvantages. Science has few disadvantages as well.

  • The risk to health- The increase in technology can be a risk to the health and people might fall sick because of the use of chemicals in the industries and other manufacturing companies.
  • Increases the chances of warfare- As the country progresses, the risk of warfare also increases. A lot of developed countries see the developing countries as a threat and the increase in their technologies can also be a risk.
  • Depending only on inventions- People nowadays are depending a lot on the inventions and the technologies, which in return is a problem and therefore there should be a limited usage of technologies.
  • Increases pollution- The use of chemicals and dumping the old gadgets increases the risk of pollution.
  • Increased competition- With the increase in scientific discoveries, there is always an ongoing competition between the people and the country.


Science is a need to humanity but the people should be aware of their advantages and disadvantages. Science also helps in the growth of a human being and of the community in general.