Essay on Himachal Pradesh For Kids & Students

Himachal Pradesh, the mountainous heaven which will have you captivated by its sight. Only one thought of this place will take you on an imaginary ride between snowy hills and Douglas firs. Without a gist of pollution, this magical state is total refreshment for one and all. The fresh air and unmoved natural habitat make this state a must visit. From having best schools in the country to being picturesque, it is safe to say that Himachal Pradesh is one of the most beautiful states in the world.

  • Activities and places to visit in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is a little bigger than Brazil in an area with 4 million populations. Its weather is mostly chilly all around the day with rays of sunshine that warms up the day. Its pleasant weather makes it the popular destination all around the year. The best activities and places to visit in Himachal Pradesh are mentioned below:


This is the most favorite hippie spot for Indians and many foreign travelers. If you are looking for a detoxification of digital and social life, Kasol is the place for it. Popularly known as the Parvati Valley its mesmerizing view will have you captivated for life. Many know Kasol as the mini Israel of India for it is beautiful and unpolluted.


If one is to visit this tiny town in the Chamba district you will be awestruck looking at the vivid colors and the breathtaking view. The landscape of this place is unbelievably amazing and relaxing. It is said that the mount Kailash is clearly visible from the Khajjiar valley.

Lahaul Spiti

Spiti is the most underrated and hidden gem of India which lies in the great Himalayas. It is said that the Spiti was a part of initial human civilizations and it has continued to stay natural without a lot of technological advancements. The famous rangrik cave in Spiti is world heritage site and a must visit.

Bir Billing

If you are an adventurer then Bur Billing is the perfect place for you. This should be the top rated place in the list of an adventure head for it has the most number of activities. It has a surprisingly replenishing weather and landscape which is capable of leaving you shook. Don’t miss a chance to experience paragliding between the Himalayan valleys.


Triund is a hilltop which is usually just a camping site. The best thing about this place is that the only way to reach the Triund hilltop is trekking through the forest and mountains. But once you reach the top the mesmerizing and unbelievable sight will make it worth your efforts.


The capital of Himachal Pradesh is one of the top holiday destinations for every Indian citizen. One can enjoy a very cheap yet memorable weekend getaway in Shimla. The beautiful hills surrounding Shimla and its pleasant weather will keep your mood refreshed. Even the surrounding regions of Shimla have various activities to occupy your day.