Short Paragraph on Environmental Pollution

Environmental Pollution is a major problem that the country today. The people are suffering so much because of the pollution and they are the reason behind causing pollution. Excessive and unnecessary usage of vehicles and smoke and other things causes the environmental pollution. It has become a world problem and everyone is suffering because of this problem. The humans have spoiled the nature and the coming generation will not be able to see the beauty and they will not be able to breath natural air unless something is done about it and a serious step is taken to stop the pollution. Those creating the problems can only find the solutions and can help nature be clean and pure. The Earth is a beautiful place to live in and one cannot spoil it and should not spoil it. The mother nature has become dirty and it is our duty to clean the mother nature and make it beautiful again. People are cutting trees to build houses and in such a case what they don’t realize is that they are snatching the homes of the birds and other animals who live in trees to make their houses and buildings. The Environmental pollution is also caused because of the rapid growth of industries and the nuclear tests that takes place in the world.

There are many reasons that can cause Environmental Pollution such as-

  • The industrial Activities – this can be one of the main reasons that cause environmental problems and pollution. The gases or the smoke that is generated from these industries are very hazardous and they cause pollution. People cannot breathe such smoky air and not just that, the industries even pollute the rivers by disposing of their harmful wastes into the river.
  • Cars and other Vehicles – The other reason of environmental pollution is the excessive usage of cars and other vehicles that emit a lot of smoke and makes it difficult for a pedestrian to breath natural air.
  • The overgrowth of population – excess of a population is also a reason of environmental pollution. Due to the increase in the number of people, there is a huge demand of houses, food and hence the trees are cut causing deforestation and causing environmental pollution.
  • The chemicals used in Agriculture – The chemicals used in Agriculture and farming such as pesticides and fertilizers are very harmful to the soil and it results in causing pollution.

The Environmental Pollution is becoming a major concern for the people and for everyone and one must be very careful in using the natural resources. The air we breathe is so polluted that one must wear a mask before stepping out of the house. The water is polluted and so is the soil. Nothing today is safe and hence there have to be proper measures and steps need to be taken to make sure that everything is okay. The Government has now started taking efforts to start the campaigns about saving nature and reducing the pollution. People are also getting aware and they are also now trying to save the nature and are doing whatever they could to stop the pollution.