Essay on Haryana For Kids & Students

Situated adjacent to the National Capital New Delhi, Haryana is one of the most culturally rich states in North India. Haryana is one of the most agriculturally and industrially advanced states in India. With a maximum of its population indulged in agriculture, Haryana is even advancing in several other sectors such as industry and automobile. To look at a few of its advances continue reading:

Auto Mobile

It is a surprising fact about Haryana that it is India’s largest automobile hub which manufactures 75% of cars and SUVs, 50% tractors and 60% of total two-wheelers in the country.

IT hub

Besides being an automobile hub Haryana is an advancing IT center of the country. It is the third-ranked software exporter in India. Not just an outsourcer, being a readily developing state Haryana is one of the most preferred IT destination of the country.

Haryana’s share in GDP

Haryana covers a total of 1.3% India’s total land which surprisingly contributes 3.58% of India’s GDP.

Agricultural Advancement

In the recent days, Haryana is emerging to accept organic farming, vermicompost and several other farming methods to prevent environmental pollution.

Textile Industry

The readily available raw material makes Haryana a rising textile industry. The otherwise agricultural state is now an uprising textile industry star.

Places to visit in Haryana

Unlike many other states in India where wealth is a measure of real estate and luxury cars, in Haryana cattle and farms is the judgment of a person’s wealth. While you may think of Haryana as a place with farms spread all across the land, it has more to look at than just golden fields and sunshine hitting the sunflowers.

The land of Kurukshetra where the most historic battle of Mahabharata was fought

Situated on the banks of River Sarasvati and the Godavari the Kurukshetra district is considered as a divine place where the divine Lord Krishna was once present. A trip to this majestic district will give you the vibes of being at a historic place which once was a battleground to maintain the righteousness of our world.

The Badkhal Lake

This lake which adorns natural beauty all around itself which offers an unimaginable sight is a must visit. It is an artificial lake which was built back in 1947. This makes up to be one of the most enjoyable picnic spots for citizens of Haryana.


Gurugram is undoubtedly the leading towns in the country with most rapid and speedy advancement. Its infrastructure is a sight to die for. It will be unbelievable to look at the skyscrapers and the superior architecturally designed industrial area. Not just industry and infrastructure, the food hub of Gurugram is a must visit.

The Kingdom of Dreams

Spread across 6 acres of land, Kingdom of Dreams is indeed a dream to be at. It hosts majestic acts in its gigantic auditorium with all sorts of technology. Not just shows but it also has small pavilions representing all 29 states of India with their cuisines. It is a one of a kind experience unmatched elsewhere in India.