Essay on My School Library For Kids & Students


A library is a collection of information of a similar type, that are used for browsing, gaining knowledge or for referring purpose. Libraries are both available for physical and digital access. In physical access, libraries contain books, papers or journals and magazines related to each and every item, be it today’s news or science or history, etc. In digital access, the library contains manuscripts, CD’s, e-books, databases, audio books, maps, etc. A library is maintained by a public body like an institution or a government. In addition to this, each and every school, contains libraries for easy access of information to their children. This library will be maintained by school management.

Importance of Library

Nowadays, each and every school is paying close attention to students and wanting them to excel in each and every aspect like studies, games, practicals, etc. A well-reputed school, always have an open library, which contains various books regarding various topics. Students in these schools, can refer to the library book and enhance their knowledge. Including books, school libraries also have magazines, daily and weekly newspaper, that are helpful for students to gain knowledge on the daily happenings. These libraries are maintained by the school management.

Ambience of Library

One of the most important qualification of a library is they should have books that are content rich and can develop students practical knowledge. In addition to this, the library should also possess these following qualities:

  • Libraries should be huge with lots of books, neatly arranged on shelves
  • Libraries should be well-lit, without difficulty in reading
  • Libraries should have a good air circulation, so that students do not suffocate.
  • Separate divisions of books with different content

These are the basic needs of a library, that are present in the school. Students should gain interest when they come into the library with the expectation of gaining knowledge.

My School Library

  • Our school library is very well maintained and the ambience is always pleasant, so that we are able to concentrate on what we are reading.
  • They have lots of books by well-reputed authors and there are also various editions available in a particular book
  • The library is maintained as a separate block, so that it is devoid of any disturbances, that happens during break times.
  • There is also a notice board, at the entrance of the library, that gives information on new arrivals, story books available and timings of the library.
  • We are also given a library book, which has information on books we have borrowed and the return date of those books, so that we do not forget.
  • They also have a notice in each and every corner to maintain silence.
  • In addition to books, there are also newspapers and business magazines, which helps us gain knowledge about the outside world.
  • They are also having creative art books, different language books, fiction story books, etc.


Nowadays, each and every well-reputed schools are well determined in upgrading their student’s standards in every form available. For this, the library helps a lot, for its students to gain knowledge in various sectors and has become a basic need.