Essay on Goddess Durga

Goddess Dura is one of the most popular Hindu goddesses who resemble prosperity, happiness, good luck, fortune, a good sign and similar endeavors. She is also known as Shakthi or Devi, who denotes self-sacrifice, dedication, sincerity, purity, courage etc. she is a great protector and powerful deities who protect a lot of innocent people during war and battles. In Sanskrit, “Durga” literally means “fort”. She is also referred to as Durgatinashini, which means that she is the one who born to eliminate suffering and pain of people in the world.

Her Many Forms 

She has empathized on various devotional books and stories. Being a powerful good, she took multiple incarnations with different forms. She took many forms like Bhavani, Ambal, Lalita, Rajeswari, Gauri, Ambika,  Rajeswari, Kundalini, Mahishasura Marthini and much more. Notably, all her forms are one and the same. During her first incarnation, she appeared in nine great forms such as Kusumanda, Maha Gauri, Chandraghanta, Siddhidatri, Katyayani, Shailaputri, Skanda Mata and Brahmacharini. Surprisingly, these deities are known as ‘navadurga’. Each of these popular goddesses has a different specialty. She is also known as” Triyambake”, which means that she is a powerful goddess with three eyes. Her left eye denotes desire and her right eye denotes fire.

Her Weaponry 

She wears powerful garments and carries several weapons like sword, arrows, pankaj etc. The sword that she holds in her hold denotes willpower, skill,prosperity, purity, courage , knowledge and much more. The lotus in her hand is known as Pankaj, which represents success. It helps people to stay away from lust, greed, and innocence. She holds the trident in one of her hand to alleviate mental, spiritual and physical sufferings. The trident denotes Rajas, Tamas, and Satwa. She also carries bows & arrows to fight against evil.


In most of the Hindu temples, she stands on the top of a lion or tiger, which denotes her power and knowledge. One of her bold poses is ‘Abhay Mudra’, which means “freedom of fear”. Durga Puja is a popular festival, which is being celebrated in North India.  It is a four-day celebration, which is held in October or September. During this day, special prayers, festivals and some special events will occur. A lot of people will gather together and offer prayers to get their work done. Being a powerful deity, she can do everything for her devotees. So, stay blessed and spread smiles.