Essay on My Favorite Animal Dog For Kids & Students


I am really fond of animals but my favorite among all animals are dogs. The four footed, bright shiny eyes and powerful sense of smelling is what makes them different from other animals. They are robust and are extremely loving and faithful to their masters. There are many kinds of dogs, such as Grey Hounds, Bull Dogs, Lap Dogs, Blood Hounds Etc. they have sharp teeth and their sense of hearing is also exemplary.

I have a pet dog and its name is Murphy. It is an American Labrador and has a black coat. It is two years old and is very smart, agile and active. It has long ears and a long tail. All dogs are extremely faithful and loving. They are most affectionate of all the animals. I have always wanted to adopt a dog but I was delighted beyond words when my friend gifted me a cute little puppy. He was just 30 days old and was so fragile and soft. It wagged its tail just as I saw it and I knew it was mine.


There is a saying “A dog is a man’s Best friend” is absolutely true because they are loyal and extremely faithful. They are also very intelligent beings. They protect us from strangers if they try to enter our house, their loud barks is enough to wake people up from their sleep. Some dogs are even trained to fetch fish from the pond where as some are trained to find people trapped under debris after a disaster. Not only they can be tamed and domesticated, these beautiful furry babies can be even trained to work in bomb squads, investigations and military services. Many blind people rely on dogs for assistance. Similarly there are many children who spend time with dogs as dogs are known to be best therapists.

Fast facts about dogs

There are more than 150 breeds of dogs. They have strong sense of smell so they only eat the food which smells good. Also it is very surprising to know that an adult dog has as many as 42 teeth. The most important fact is that the dogs are considered as the descendants of wolves. Dogs are even capable of sensing minute changes in the airflow through the Vibrissae which is a technical name for its whiskers on the muzzle, below the jaw and above the eyes. Dogs are very resourceful in lowering down your blood pressure. Dogs have wet noses because it is helpful for the absorption of scent and chemicals. Also the separation anxiety that you dog has after you are gone can be curbed by leaving a piece of cloth which has your body’s scent on it.


Some families treat dogs like their own family member. They are extremely loving and therefore it is our responsibility to save them. If you want to get a puppy to your home, think about it because it is going to be a lifelong commitment. You will be its world and it will only know you so think many times before getting one home. Do not under any circumstances abandon your dog as it will make them depressed and sad.