Essay on My City Kochi

My city Kochi, also known as Cochin is a metropolis city and is also the biggest port city of the South-West Coast. Kochi is the part of the southern region of India and it is a part of the Kerala State. Kochi was formed on 1 April 1958. Kochi is also called as the Queen of the Arabia Sea. It was also an important part of trading since the 14th century and it dealt with spices. Kochi is also a very famous tourist destination and the number of people visiting the city is very high. It is also ranked as the sixth best tourist destination in India. The city is also the home to the Southern Naval Command of the Indian Navy and the state headquarter of the Indian Coast Guard. They have many ports such as Port of Kochi, Cochin Shipyard, Kochi Marina, and many other ports that deal with the International market. The city also serves as the home to the Cochin Stock Exchange, and International Pepper Market and deals with many big companies. Kochi has also many institutes that are also one of the reasons for a lot of tourist attractions.


Kochi has been the trading center for many spices for centuries to the Greeks and the Romans, Jews, Arabs, Syrians and Chinese during the ancient times. It rose as an important trading center. According to many historians, the Kochi kingdom was formed in the 12th century. Kochi was also ruled by Portuguese. It was then used by the Dutch and signed the Anglo-Dutch treaty in the fear of losing it. At the time of British rule, Kochi became the princely state. Kochi after Independence grew and became an important trading center in India.


The people of Kochi celebrate all the festival and has a mixed culture. They celebrate Diwali, Christmas, Eid and all the other festivals as well. The city has people of different ethnicity as well. Kochi was also once dominated by a lot of Jews known as the Cochin Jews. It is predominantly dominated by the Christians. The Cochin festival is celebrated every year and people wait for this occasion with full enthusiasm and excitement The food of Kochi mainly includes coconut and spices. The people of Kochi also eat the Arabian style food like Shawarmas with roasted chicken and it is the famous fast food delicacy of the city.