Essay on Forest Conservation

Forest conservation means maintaining the forests and planting more trees to make sure that they are lush green and that there is life in those forests. Today, a lot of forests are being cut just because humans want to make buildings and have a living in those areas as well. What they don’t understand is that cutting the forests will be harmful to them in future. They are also snatching away the houses of all the animals living in those forests. It is an inhuman act to snatch or take away someone else’s house and build your own house. Man is a social animal and he should be able to understand this. But unfortunately, in this case, man is the most indecent of all the animals and is also very selfish. Cutting of forest for their selfish reason is an act of inhuman.

People should make proper arrangements to save and conserve the forests. The forests have taken less than ten percent of the total earth’s area and it is nothing to as compared to what humans have occupied. There should be proper punishments to all those who cut the forests to build houses and huge buildings.

Forest conservation is an important thing to do and one must be aware it. The forests provide us with greenery and also helps in giving us fresh air. There is rain because of the forests and the animals are living happily because there are forests. If we cut the forests then there will be nothing left of the animals. They are anyways getting extinct but if we keep on cutting them they will come on roads and people will start killing them as well because they might harm you.

There are many reasons for forest conservation such as-

  • They help in providing fresh air.
  • Helps in rainfall.
  • Gives shelter to the animals.
  • Provides food for all the living beings.
  • Provides fresh water with lesser impurities.
  • Forests help in keeping the environment healthy and pollution free.

Hence, it is very important to conserve the forests. There have been many movements that came out to protect the forests. The most famous one amongst all the movements was the Chipko movement where the main agenda was to save the trees and the forests. People are now understanding the importance of trees and forests and hence have reduced the cutting of them. Cutting of forests might also lead to deforestation, which is a very major problem that the world is facing right now. Therefore, one mustn’t encourage the cutting of trees and forests and rather should encourage the people to grow more trees and plants to save the environment and leave this place a better to live in for the future generation.