Essay on E-Commerce Sites Its Advantages and Disadvantages

E-Commerce or Electronic Commerce is a means of doing business through the internet. The transactions in this business happen through the net and people can pay the vendor online. This business has everything that includes shopping, where you can buy whatever you want from a small toothpaste to a house. You can sell the same online through various websites and you can even pay online for all the buying and sell that you do on these websites. There are millions of websites that offer you such things. E-commerce has become a major market in today’s world and everyone from a teenage kid to an adult person buys things online. The lives of people have become so easy that they can do whatever they want sitting at home. There are many E-commerce companies and they set up their business through the internet and they do proper marketing and put several ads to attract the customers. The different websites have different rates and one can even compare the rates between the websites and chose their products. E-Commerce has simplified the lives of the people.

Advantages of the E-commerce Websites-

  • It is very convenient – The E-commerce websites have made life easier and one can shop and sell whatever they want sitting at home and can even browse through several things at a time by just sitting at home. All they need is an internet connection and the life is sorted. It is also a great and the easier way of shopping things especially for those who are always busy.
  • You can compare the product and the price – The website offers you several options so that you can choose from them and also compare the prices.
  • Value for customers – The E-commerce websites prove to be a value to the customers as they give you a lot of options of the same product and helps you in selecting the best product.
  • Easy Payment – The Websites allows you to pay easily and in a go. all you need is a debit or a credit card and you can make payments easily to whomever and across the country or the world within seconds.
  • Good Fund-raiser for the start-up companies – The E-commerce websites have become a growing business and it is very easy for an individual to start their own website.

Disadvantages of E-Commerce Websites-

  • The Quality can be poor – Sometimes these E-commerce websites can send the products which are poor in quality and therefore there are people who still prefer going to the store to buy whatever they want rather than shopping online.
  • It can be a scam – The E-commerce websites can also be a scam sometimes and one should be very careful while purchasing from unknown websites.
  • No Sales support – A lot of e-commerce websites sells electronic items as well and there is no sales support after the customer buys the product.
  • The delay in delivery – There are chances that while purchasing things online the delivery might get delayed and in most of the cases it gets delayed, which causes a lot of inconvenience to the customers.