Essay on Tamil Nadu For Kids & Students

Tamil Nadu- the southernmost state of India is one of the most visited states in India. It is most sought after travel destination for foreign travelers who came to Tamil Nadu seeking a gist of cultural and heritage richness of India. Tamil Nadu when we speak of it is not like other states, it is safe to say that it has the most diverse landscape and geology. Tamil Nadu has some most famous and breathtaking hill stations such as the world famous Kodaikanal. And the Tamil Nadu also has the best coastal city of Puducherry. This makes Tamil Nadu a combination of mighty big hills and sparkling long beaches. Speaking of literacy rates- Tamil Nadu is one of the top 5 states in India having high literacy rates. Not just academics, Tamil Nadu is home to India’s best classical art, music and dance.

If the aforementioned facts aren’t enough to fancy you with the marvels of Tamil Nadu then read below to discover some unknown facts about Tamil Nadu.

Facts about Tamil Nadu

  • The institutes like Indian Overseas Bank, and Indian Bank were originated from Tamil Nadu. This fact might come as a surprise to you, but the Debit and Credit Card were introduced by the Tamilians. Well, thanks to the Tamilians for making it easy for us to manage all the cash.
  • This southernmost state of India is 11th state in India in accordance to the area under it.
  • The staple food of Tamil Nadu is rice and they cultivate rice throughout the year. This is the only state in India which does not cultivate wheat.
  • With 80.3% literacy rate, Tamil Nadu is the top state in India with one of highest literacy ratios.
  • The colleges and schools in Tamilnadu strictly teach in Tamil. Only a few universities are English medium.
  • If you didn’t know already, then Tamil is the oldest known language of world and not Latin.
  • Pongal is the most celebrated festival in Tamil Nadu.
  • The music and dance festivals in Tamil nadu are vividly celebrated with great enthusiasm.

Places to visit in Tamil Nadu

1. Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal is one of the most preferred honeymoon destinations in South India because of its natural beauty. One can never speak enough about the beauty of Kodaikanal for it is truly surreal. This hill station is not just a honeymoon destination but India’s most sought-after destination for foreign travellers.

2. Chennai

Someone said it right that Chennai is the Mumbai of South. It is so versatile and diverse in many aspects. This heritages city is full of age-old temples and churches. Don’t forget to explore the dazzling beaches and market places of Chennai.

3. Rameswaram

The island city of Rameswaram is considered to be one of the holiest places in India. If we were to believe the stories, then Rameswaram is the place where Lord Rama built the Ram Setu to travel to Lanka. It is not just a historical place but home to a mystery which scientists are yet to crack, that is- how could the heavy rocks float in water?

4. Kanyakumari

Popularly known as the tip of India, Kanyakumari is a heaven with beaches. The southernmost accessible part of India, that is, Kanyakumari has many beautiful beaches, holy temples & churches. Kanyakumari is most famous for its sunset where the orange skies when meet the blue waters make it look like a piece of art.