Essay on Deforestation in India


Trees are very helpful for the environment as they absorb the dangerous greenhouse gases and keep the temperature of the earth lower. Not only that but these trees also very helpful in absorbing water and dropping the number of floods. But eliminating trees has such devastating consequences for human beings which they have not realized now or even in the future. This is one of the alarming situation that the world is facing these days. Deforestation means the elimination of forestry from earth on a bigger level by cutting down trees or burning forests for fulfillment of their personal requirements.

What is the meaning of Deforestation?

Forests are of great significance not only for the entire human fraternity but also for maintaining the natural balance of the environment. But human beings, for their selfish reasons, are cutting down trees without realizing the ill-effects on the environment and society. Woods have a historical importance for the humans. Building houses and boats, burning fuel for food, producing paper etc. have been activities of humans for which woods are being utilized in abundance. In simpler words, deforestation means the destroying the forests deliberately, so that the land may be used.

What are the reasons of Deforestation?

The most important reason of deforestation is human greed and ignorance as ignorant people are not aware of damaging effects of eliminated trees and the greedy ones continue to remove forests for their own selfish motives. Besides other reasons include the following:

  • Colonization
  • Farming and agriculture,
  • For establishment of cities and towns,
  • In hilly terrains, trees are cut to make the slopes apt for agriculture.
  • For fuel to be used in cooking
  • For timber to be used in constructing houses and making furniture,
  • For larger scale industries as raw material
  • To provide for fodder for cattle and animals.

What are the damaging effects of Deforestation?

In the past the exploitation of forests has been done in the name of human development and welfare. Therefore there had been a massive destruction of forests in India. Nature has ways of protecting the human beings as it provides enough for fulfilling everybody’s needs but if this protection is being eroded, only humans will suffer the consequences. Various damaging situations have occurred in the past and will continue to occur in the future if the deforestation prevails. Such as

  • Floods
  • Climatic Changes
  • Landslides and soil erosion
  • Environmental pollution
  • Extinction of exotic species of wild animals and birds

Cutting down trees indiscriminately disturbs the balance of ecology and also water sources may get dried up.

Present scenario in India

The Indian forest cover has reduced even from the least recommended level due to deforestation. Forests should cover one-third of the total land of India but it covers almost 24% of the total land. In certain places, this forest land is used for dam projects, industries, agriculture and roads. Chipko Movement was started against the evil effect of deforestation.


Deforestation is extremely damaging and contra-productive therefore urgent and stern steps must be taken to put down this evil. Forests have been necessary for our ancient as well as present generations and if we want the future generations to be happy and live a peaceful life, forests have to be maintained. But unfortunately, trees are still cut down nevertheless without many any efforts for replenishments or compensation of the eliminated trees.