Essay on Lucknow Metro

India began to see the dream of a technologically rapid India ever since metro was inaugurated in Kolkata more than three decades earlier in 1984. Since then, the Indian government had been working on making a channel of four metropolitan cities in India, which included the National Capital Delhi, the economic capital Mumbai, the Silicon Valley Bangalore and the cultural capital Kolkata. But it seems like India does not want to halt its pace to just four metro politicians in the country. It was soon expanded and now nine cities are blessed with the Metro system running between their cities. The newest edition in the list of metropolitan cities is Lucknow the capital of Uttar Pradesh. Deny it or not, no one would have ever believed if someone would have said ten years earlier that Lucknow will someday have its own metro system. Thanks to the joint initiative of former UP government and Central government which worked together and turned the dream of having a metro in Lucknow into a legit reality. Let us read about some of the lesser-known facts about Lucknow metro. These facts will amaze you so much so that it will blow your mind and make you think highly about the Lucknow metro.

  • The First Phase of Lucknow Metro which was inaugurated on 6th of September 2017 is an 8.5-kilometer long channel between Transport Nagar and Charbagh railway station.
  • The cost is divided in.50:50 the proportion of the state and central government.
  • This railway line took 20 tons of steel to be used in total which includes the lines and the metro train.
  • The second phase of Lucknow is expected to get completed by the mid of 2018.
  • This metro system was built under the guidance if E Sreedharan who is said to be the Metro Man of India.
  • The coaches of Lucknow metro are made with a newer design which makes it slick, chic and functional.
  • The work on Lucknow metro station was initiated in September 2014.
  • It almost took the Phase 1 approximately 3 years to be built and another half year for trials.

Once the other phases are brought into live action, Lucknow will be a fully fledged metropolitan city. Having said that, it makes us want to believe in the fact that Lucknow will soon be one of the smart cities in India.