ARN Full Form In GST

What is the Full Form of ARN in GST?

ARN full form in GST is Application Reference Number or Acknowledgement Reference Number. ARN is basically the number that you get when submitting the GST application. This application reference number can be useful in various scenarios, such as in case you haven’t gotten any response after the submission of the GST application, then you can reach out to the GSTN Helpdesk or support team and ask them for help by providing your ARN or Application Reference Number.

Application Reference Number

What Else Should You Know About ARN?

Getting an ARN doesn’t mean that you are not officially registered with GST, you’d have to wait until your GST certificate and GSTIN is issued by the government of India. However, by using ARN or Application Reference Number you can check the status of your application submitted at the GST portal. ARN unusually is a 15-digit alpha-numeric code, where the digits represent the state code, submission date of the GST application, unique system-generated number, and the checksum digits at the end. Here is the example of ARN: AB 01 02 10 000000 1. The prime use of ARN is just to track GST Registration Application Status, other than that it isn’t appropriate to use ARN number instead of GSTIN.