EVC Full Form in GST

What is the Full Form of EVC in GST?

EVC’s full form in GST is Electronic Verification Code. The GST Portal offers authentication via E-Sign and EVC in addition to DSC. By creating an OTP, the Electronic Verification Code confirms the user’s identification on the GST Portal. The Authorized Signatory must fill out section A of the Application For registration with their registered mobile phone number in order to receive the OTP. On the authorized signatory’s registered mobile number, an EVC appears as an OTP.  The authorized signatory’s registered mobile number is entered together with the other necessary information during the GST registration process. E-sign and EVC usage is now a standard procedure.

Electronic Verification Code

These techniques allow users to digitally sign forms submitted on websites like the GST Portal, the income tax e-portal, and other portals. The candidate (the taxpayer) has to have a cellphone number connected to their Aadhaar Card as well as an Aadhaar Card. This is due to the fact that an OTP will be created. If the individual is the Principal Contact of the specific Entity, they may also generate EVC for another PAN (apart from a company) or TAN. If he is authorized to act as the PAN’s representative, an individual taxpayer may also produce EVC for another PAN user. You need to link your PAN to the appropriate bank account and register the same PAN with the e-Filing site in order to create EVC using the Bank ATM option. After linking it, you can swipe or insert your debit card at an ATM and choose the “PIN for Income Tax Filing” option. Your mobile phone number as well as the email address you provided on the e-Filing platform will receive the EVC.