Sysco Company Net Worth, History, CEO, Founder, Headquarter, Origin Country

Right there in the United States, Sysco is this big manufacturing company that has been quite active in the food service destruction scene of the nation. But, did you know this company has been around since 1969? Yes, that’s kinda a rich history for them, and you’ll be dazzled by the growth this company has seen ever since the foundation was laid for Sysco. If you are someone who’s here to know a little more about this interesting foodservice distribution company then you’ll have a lot of fun reading today’s post. Here we will talk about how it all started for Sysco, how it is currently going for them, who’s in charge of the company right now, what their net worth is, and things like that. Here we go.


Sysco Origin Country United States
Established Year 1969
Headquarters Houston, Texas, U.S.
Sysco CEO Kevin P. Hourican
Sysco Founders Herbert Irving, John F. Baugh, Harry Rosenthal
Sysco Net Worth $36.4 billion (As of December 2023)
Industry Foodservice Distribution

The Sysco Story

It all started back on March 19, 1969. Three guys, Herbert Irving, John F. Baugh, and Harry Rosenthal, got together and kicked it off. Fast forward to 1970, just a blink later, and Sysco goes public. Since then, it’s been one smart move after another. Take 1981, for instance. Sysco snaps up Lankford Produce. Boom, Lankford-SYSCO division was born, later getting a new name in 2008, Sysco Eastern Maryland. And the shopping spree didn’t stop there. 1988 rolls around, and they grab CFS Continental. Fast forward to 1999, and it’s Newport Meat Company joining the Sysco family. Oh, and let’s not forget 2002 when Sysco said hello to SERCA Food Services, later rebranded as Sysco Canada. But Sysco isn’t just about staying in North America though. They reached across the globe, snagging Asian Foods in 2003, the top player in Asian food distribution in North America. 2009 was another big year with the acquisition of Pallas Foods, Ireland’s largest food distributor. By 1996, Sysco wasn’t just some company, it was the third-largest in Houston, boasting a whopping 30,000 employees. Their growth wasn’t just numbers on paper, nah, it was real, widespread, and impressive.

Sysco Financials

Did you know that in May 2022, they made this brave decision to commit a whopping 35% of their fleet to be electric by 2026? But you might be wondering how they’re gonna do it? Well, simply by rolling out those Freightliner eCascadia electric trucks. That’s right, they’re not just stepping, but leaping into a cleaner future. As of December 2023, they’re sitting on a net worth of a massive $36.4 billion. But that’s not it though, you see, this number’s been dancing up and down quite a bit like hitting a high of $39.08 billion in the 52nd week of 2022, then dipping to $35.95 billion as of November 2023. These numbers aren’t just digits though, they shout out loud about the company’s solid market standing and financial health. When we talk about market capitalization, Sysco’s not just playing the game, it’s the 474th most valuable player on the global stage as of November 2023.