Boeing Company Net Worth, History, CEO, Founder, Headquarter, Origin Country & More

Now, you must be someone living under a rock if you don’t know or haven’t heard of the Boeing company. Ever since its establishment in 1916, this company has been involved in a lot of things right here in the United States. At one point, they were even working with NASA for those big moon missions in the 60s and 70s. If that’s intriguing enough to you, then wait till you learn a bit more about this company. And today’s post is all about that, where we will be talking about the net worth, history, founders, and more things about Boeing company. Here we go.


Boeing Origin Country United States
Established Year 1916
Headquarters Arlington, Virginia, United States
Boeing CEO David L. Calhoun
Boeing Founders William E. Boeing
Boeing Net Worth $140.13 billion (As of December 2023)
Industry Aerospace and Defense

The Boeing Story

Boeing, a giant in the world of planes, started back in 1916. Did you know it was first called Aero Products Company? That’s right! The first plane they made was a small one called B&W. Just a year later, in 1917, they switched names to Boeing Airplane Company. In the 1920s and 1930s, Boeing got bigger. They didn’t just make planes though, they ran airlines too! They formed the Boeing Airplane & Transport Corporation in 1928 and then United Aircraft and Transport Corporation in 1929. World War II? Well, that was kinda big time for Boeing! They made the Model 247, Model 314, and Model 307 Stratoliner. That last one was the first plane where you wouldn’t feel like your ears were popping! And their military planes, the B-17 and B-29, were super important for the Allies. After the war, things got tough with competition from Douglas and Lockheed. So, what did Boeing do? They made the 707, and it started flying in 1958. This plane, and others like the 727, 737, and the huge 747 ‘Jumbo Jet’, changed how we fly. The 747 was a big risk and nearly broke Boeing, but in the end, it made them the top name for long flights.

Boeing Company Financials

Boeing, this huge name in the aviation world, hasn’t just stuck to making commercial and military jets over time. And yeah, Boeing’s role in space travel has been, frankly, extraordinary. During those years of the 1960s and 1970s, Boeing was all about creating Lunar Orbiters and the Mariner 10 space probe. And let’s not forget, they were the brains behind the first stage of the Saturn V rocket and those Lunar Roving Vehicles for the Apollo missions. Jump to the mid-1990s, and there’s Boeing, right in the thick of things with the International Space Station project. Fast forward to 2014, and NASA’s choice was Boeing to whip up the CST-100 spacecraft for crew trips to the ISS. All this hustle and big, daring steps meant that by December 2023, Boeing’s net worth soared to a mind-blowing $140.13 billion. That figure alone tells a tale of Boeing’s deep and enduring mark in the aerospace field.