Short Speech on Independence Day for School Students

A very warm Good morning to all of you.Respected teachers and my dear friends. Today I am here to present the speech on Independence Day.

Independence Day is a great occasion for India as today on this day the country got freedom from the British and the 15th of August of every year is celebrated as the Independence Day of India. After years of fighting with the British, we got the freedom on 15th August 1947. The British have been ruling India since years and the country unitedly fought with the British and asked them to leave the country. It was a proud moment for the country as the flag of the country flew high with proud. The National Anthem was recited by everyone for the first time in unison and people cherished the moment. It was a very proud moment for the country and Jawahar Lal Nehru the then Prime Minister of India addressed the nation and declared independence. A lot of freedom fighters gave their life for us, for the country so that we can breathe the air of freedom and not be dominated by the Britishers.

Today, we salute all of them and we should never forget what they have done for us. The people the country fought in unison to make the country a free country. The British owe a lot as whatever they have taken from us they must pay back.

The British have also developed and built rails and gave us different things but it was only for their own benefit. The people never thought that they will live like this how British lived in our country but today the Indians are living in a far better condition than them. The British have used a lot of our people for their benefit but let bygone be gone. The jawans of our country have given their life so that we can live happily. We must salute them and should be proud of them.

Independence Day is a day to celebrate. People come out on the streets and hail for the country and show patriotism, which is a very good thing but it should not be limited only to this day. People should feel patriotic in their everyday life as well and they should keep doing good things for the country. On this day we all must take a pledge that we should respect what our ancestors left for us. We must respect every individual. We should even make sure that the people of the country are getting educated so that they can help in the development of the nation and make this country a better place to live in.

Let us all stand together on this day and make sure that we make this country a better place to live and that every individual respects the flag and they do whatever they can to make India a better country. Let us all stand up for the Nation and make a pledge to make this place a better place to live.

Jai Hind! Jai Bharat!