Essay On My Favorite Sport Game Football

Introduction – Football is one of the popular games of the world. It is played in almost 150 countries. It is an outdoor game played between two teams. Each of these team has 11 members. The field is rectangular in shape and has a goal post on each end. The main aim of this game is to score a goal against the opponent team. The team which scores the maximum goals against the other team wins the match. As the name suggests, the players play this game by kicking the ball with their feet. The other name given to this game is Soccer.


Like it is mentioned that it is played in a rectangular field, the length of the field is 110 meters and the breadth is 75 meters long. There are lines marked in the field and are known as yards. The center line is the 50 yard line and the line near the goal post is the 10 yard line. Each team consists of two center forward players, one right out and one left out, four back players and two half back players, and a goalie. It is not allowed to touch the ball with the hands. Only a goalkeeper can do so.

My favorite game

Football has been my all-time favorite game. It has been a source of immense excitement and enjoyment to me and my family as well. I play for my school’s football team on the attacking side. I feel a rush in my veins whenever I am taking the ball forward to the opponent’s goal post and when I score a goal all my team mates come cheering for me. I have always loved watching football. Cristiano Ronaldo is my favorite player and he plays as a forward player for Real Madrid which is a Spanish Club. He is indeed the greatest of all times and surely the best player this world has known in the field of soccer. I watch all his matches and he is my role model. I even try to imitate his moves on the soccer field when I am playing.

Benefits of playing football

Football has also been a source of great physical activity. Since it is played for 90 minutes with a break of 10 minutes after 45 minutes, it is a game which keeps a person running around the field all the 90 minutes. So a 90 minutes cardio workout is surely going to keep people fit and immune to diseases. It is very refreshing to my soul and my body. The best part of playing football is that it is a team game so a feeling of team building and team effort is there. Working in teams is helpful in future as well.


Football in every sense of the game represents life. You have to strive hard in order to succeed. You must know how to work and team up with others as in football it is only the team spirit which can lead you to play and win against the opponent. In life also you keep running behind a goal and in the field of soccer as well you run to score a goal.