Essay on Rajasthan For Kids & Students

Speaking of Rajasthan one can imagine a land full of majestic palaces and mighty big lakes. These facts are not enough to define Rajasthan because it has a vast history. Rajasthan witnessed the rulers of every Dynasty which ever conquered India along with geographical changes. All in all, Rajasthan is a state where heroes from the past were born who knew no boundaries of bravery and patriotism. The literal meaning of this Northwestern state is ‘Abode of the Rajas’. It makes complete sense because history of Rajasthan is all about the Rajput and Mughal rulers.

Special facts about the History of Rajasthan

  • It is believed that Indus Valley civilization had its residents in many parts of the North Rajasthan.
  • The greatest ruler of India, that is, Ashoka of Mauryan Dynasty included Rajasthan in his territory back in thirst century BC.
  • It passed on to several other dynasties like The Gupta dynasty before it went on to the Rajput rule for more than 5 centuries.
  • It was in early 1300’s when the Rajput kingdom was taken over by the Mughals.
    Akbar took over the entire Rajputana in 1516 and continued his rule until the British Empowerment was imposed.
  • The great Rani Padmavati and other marvels of Indian history were from Rajasthan.

Places to visit in Rajasthan

Rajasthan will never fail to meet your expectations when you are seeking a luxurious and superior travel experience. In fact, Rajasthan is the only state where you can feel the vibes of being a royal.


The place where the Palaces are still alive, Jaisalmer is also known as the blue city for its crystal blue colored skies. The geological wood fossil park in Jaisalmer adds on to the diversity of this town. It was initially designed as a fortress for the military of Rajputs to guard the western Rajasthan which gradually developed in a fully fledged city.


This town is known to be the main centre of Rajput dynasty. Every street and house of Chittor has witnessed the acts of pride and bravery. Chittorgarh was the Rajputana pride and it faced downfall in early 1300’s when Ala-Ud-Din Khilji attacked it. It was since then the Rajputana dynasty started to vanish.


The town where Rajasthani handicraft initiated is a dream to see. The highly carved palaces and forts which are now turned into Hotels will give you the feels of living a royal life.