Short Speech on 26 January Republic Day

26 January 1950 is marked as the day when India became a democratic country. The constitution of the country was written on this day and the national flag was hoisted with pride and honour. Every year on this day the country celebrates the rights that were given to them and the freedom after the constitution was made.

It is marked as a remarkable day in the history of the country. Democracy came into play and it played a major role and till date democracy is maintained and that is why people are able to enjoy the rights and freedom.

The rights and the duties of the people were created on this day and it was a remarkable day for the country. The constitution was made just after the Independence Movement where the non-violence was the main motive and it was led by Mahatma Gandhi. The country did not have a permanent constitution at that time and the leaders then decided to make a proper constitution for the country and hence rest is history.

The constitution of India was written by Dr. B.R Ambedkar who changed the constitution that was written in the year 1935. The constitution which he wrote was passed on 26th November 1949. The country became a social, secular, sovereign and a democratic country on 26 January 1950. The words social and secular were added in the 42nd amendment of the constitution. People enjoyed the democratic freedom and they are enjoying it till today.

Dr.Rajendra Prasad the first President of India, he gave the speech and asked the people to think of their duties rather than their rights because if they know their duties they will help the country and it will make the country a better place to live in.

Republic day is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm.  Every year on 26th January there is a parade that takes place in New Delhi, the national capital of India where the people from the country participate and showcases their talent. The prime minister and the president are also a part of this parade and it is an honor for them to be there. A parade is a huge event and people practice for this event for months. There is always a chief guest that is called from some other country to attend this great function. We have had some great dignities from across the world to be a part of this national event. The Army, navy and air-force all participate in this parade. Republic day is also celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm in all the schools and the students participate in it with great joy.