Essay on Students and Social Service


Man is a social animal and therefore cannot live without anyone else. The help of other individual is greatly required for almost all the chores. Social service thus means that a person doing some activity for the help of an individual or the society without any expectation of benefit. For example a person meets with an accident and there is no one to take care of him and if someone initiates nursing him without any money or benefit, it would mean that he rendered his social service to the victim. Many a times you might have witnessed natural calamities and epidemics break out and if you along with your friend nurse or help the victims it will be termed as social service. But where does this feeling of social service come from in the conscience of an individual? It is due to he values a person learns from his house and his school or educational institute. These days social service is a part of activities held in school. Mostly on the holidays, many students combine and form groups and are seen collecting the garbage from the roads so that is the social service they are rendering to the society.

Importance of Social Service

Human beings live in a society and are co-dependent on each other for many things. This co-dependency helps them overtake their misfortunes and move ahead enthusiastically. Therefore it is a duty of every human being to stand by his companions in any kind of distress. It is during the school life, the quality of social service and compassion can be imbibed among the students.

How do students contribute to society?

Students can render their services in a number of ways. It can be done individually or by forming a group so that they can lessen the pains and sufferings of the distraught. If a student pledges to teach another student illiteracy can be removed and nation will grow. Most of the people living in rural areas are illiterate thus spreading education would be a great service to the humanity. Also the students can teach people to take care of their health and let them know the advantages of cleanliness, sanitation and usage of toilets. With these, more and more diseases will vanish eventually leaving the nation healthy and fit. Students can greatly help the society by rendering their services to the people affected by natural calamities such as earthquakes, floods, famines and cyclones. They are extremely resourceful in removing the blind faith and superstition that usually illiterate people are facing. Deforestation is one of the main problem areas in India and students can teach the villagers about the advantages of afforestation and help them grow more and more trees. Students can play a vital role in enlightening the people against the social evils such as caste-ism, drug abuse, dowry and female infanticide.


Parents should know and realize that charity begins at home so it is the duty of every parent to imbibe the quality of compassion in the kids. Only then they would be able to serve their parents and their family members which is very important if they want to serve the needy and distressed.