Essay on Importance of Chemistry

Chemistry is one of the most valuable branches of science which has a diverse involvement in every unit of our universe. Chemistry is all about the identification of the particles a matter is made up of. A chemist studies and research about the properties of a given element and the interaction between its constituent atoms. These atoms and subatomic particles combine with each other in infinite combinations such that it forms new substances.

Everything that we see and all that we are made up of has chemical reactions going on in them.

Chemistry in general life

  1. This universe is impossible to exist without chemical reactions. From a dust particle to mighty big galaxies- everything is built due to infinite chemical reactions going in within every single particle.
  2. Having basic knowledge about chemical reactions is essential to understand the formation of this universe and make new discoveries.
  3. Chemistry is the only reason why anything that happens around us really does happen.
  4. In the modern technologically driven age the in-depth knowledge of chemistry is widely felt.
  5. Any other branches of science, such as biology or physics would be more or less, impossible without knowing the nature if every element that comprises our body or a planet.

Biological advances

Chemistry is the fundamental unit of every biological discovery. Every doctor and surgeon needs to learn the composition of chemical elements in every organ if a body in order to diagnose and learn the reason behind an illness.

Without chemistry and its advances, biological discoveries would have been absolutely impossible and unimaginable.

Agricultural advances

If we refund back a hundred years in the history if agriculture, it has taken a high end. With the involvement of chemical fertilizers and technology that made changes unto chemical composition of a food grain, we are now capable of producing bulk quantities. In various parts of the world today, farms are attached with research centers to carry on discoveries related to growth stimulators and mutations to increase harvest.

The marvels of chemistry

To count the marvels of chemistry is impossible for there are endless discoveries made using chemistry and chemical reactions. As we have seen above, the right use of chemistry can bring about a revolution in our lives. If we continue to decode the formation of every particle in this universe, we are not far from learning how this universe was created.