Short Essay On Parrot For Kids & Students

The Parrot is an exceptionally Beautiful Bird. It is stunning to take a gander. It has a red mouth. Its quills are green. Some of Parrots have red plumes at the best. Its nose is bended. It is solid and Pointed. Round the neck of a Parrot there are dark rings. They look extremely Beautiful.

Where to find

The Parrot is found in all the warm nations. It doesn’t care to live in frosty spots. It for the most part lives in the hollows of trees. It manufactures settle and lays its eggs in it. It lays eggs twice per year.

Various types

The Parrot eats grains, natural products, leaves seeds. It is partial to natural products, for example, pears, nuts, mangoes, and so on. It additionally adores to eat bubbled rice. Once in a while Parrots enter corn-fields or poppy fields in extensive number. They gobble up the grains or crude poppies.


The Parrot can fly quick. Parrots regularly fly in herds. Seeing their flying data offers delight to us. They eat their food particularly. They find a thing quick with their legs. They remove it with their bills and gobble it up. They live to a decent maturity.

Parrots can figure out how to talk. If they hear similar words over and over, they can rehash them as well. At the point when a Parrot learns numerous things, it talks like people. It at that point gives a decent cost to its proprietor.


Many individuals train Parrots to do magnificent things. They bring home the bacon by giving shows. For every one of these reasons the Parrot is loved particularly by a few people.