Essay on Duties of a Student For Kids & Student

Students are people who are pursuing their studies in an institution. In schools, they are taught lessons on a daily basis. These lessons are helpful for increasing their knowledge on a particular topic. They are also required to increase their innovative thinking based on these topics, by referring books from library on these topics. Each and every student has specific tasks that should be done by them. Every student should have a proper knowledge of their duties and responsibilities. Since students are considered to be the backbone of the future world, it is important for them to learn about their duties.

There are various kinds of duties for students. They are as follows:

  • Duties to themselves
  • Duties to their family
  • Duties to the society
  • Duties to Humanity

Duties to Themselves

Initially, students should perform the duty for themselves. Some of the duties include the following:

  • They should get up early
  • They should learn their daily lessons
  • They should take good care of their health
  • They should clean their surroundings
  • They have to help others.
  • They have to obey their elders and teachers
  • They should listen to the advice and follow them
  • They should develop honesty and kindness

When kids can follow these steps, they are getting closer to achieving the goal of becoming a great person.

Duties to Their Family

After they perform the duty for themselves, it is time for them to follow the duties that should be done for their parents. This includes the following:

  • Respecting the Elders in the family
  • Studying hard, to achieve their parents dream about them
  • Listening to parents and helping them with their chores
  • Spending quality time with family instead of electronic gadgets
  • Taking responsibilities and should retain the respect given to their family, by others.

Duties to the Society

After them and their family, comes the society and our Nation. Some of the duties that can be performed are as follows.

  • Involving in social service
  • Conserving the environment
  • Trying to keep our surroundings clean
  • Helping in demolition of child marriages, caste system, etc., which are still followed in many parts of our country.
  • Educating the illiterate people
  • Helping the people who are below the poverty line
  • Donating Blood, clothes and food
  • Involving in military training

Duties to Humanity

When a student realizes the duties that has been cast upon him by the society, he will act accordingly. In addition to the above duties, students should also develop humanity. Including which, they also should develop knowledge about our political systems. In future, if he is opting for politics, then he should follow the rules without discriminations. They should follow justice and should focus on helping others.