Short Essay on My Favorite Subject English

English is a very commonly spoken language these days. In today’s competitive and global world, the vitality of English cannot be ignored or denied. English is an easiest mode of communication between two people or two states or two countries or two continents therefore English is becoming like a connecting link among people from various backgrounds.

The countries which have been ruled by the British in the past had to learn and adopt English as a language as it was made mandatory. Therefore mostly people learned it to keep pace with the rapidly changing world. Ever since English played an important role in each of our life. We have studied English since our school and thereafter colleges and even if people are working these days most of the organizations demand English fluency. In sectors like business, engineering, law, medicine, science etc. English is required. It is also recognized as one of the five official languages by the United Nations.

English was my all-time favorite subject and it has proved beneficial time and again. I always scored good marks as it was very easy to learn and pleasant to study. For people who seek jobs in multi-national companies or any kind of high standard job, English is very helpful as it need a good understanding capability therefore even in job or even the business ventures, English is the commonly used language.

It is surprising fact that the countries which do not have a English speaking background, for example Japan, are also now including English as a mandatory subject in their curriculum because it will not only enable the residents to find jobs out of the country but also it will help them to communicate with the world where English is predominantly spoken.

It is very easy to access the information and now a days English become the language of technology and science. Mostly books are now written and published in English, most websites are in English. Wikipedia, Yahoo, Bing, Google, MSN, all use English to share the information or the news. Therefore it has now become more important for all to study and learn English if people want to succeed in the world.