Essay on Friendship For Kids & Students


Friends are those family that we choose. It is one of the most valuable and treasured gifts of ones’ life. Having one true and loyal friend makes a person lucky. It is the camaraderie between friends which makes the journey of life easy and pleasant. Friendship is all about caring and sharing. When you are friends with someone, you accept all their flaws and understand them wholeheartedly. In a true friendship, there is no place for flattery or any kind of pretentious behavior. It is very important to have friends in life as one good friend is worth so much. Good friends guide you and mentor you. They understand your problems and give you solutions. At times, when we are in the need of someone who can lend us a shoulder, it is always friends which come.

Importance of friendship

But a friendship has the power to push a person towards growth or even bring him down. Therefore, it is better to find and look for such friends who can love you unconditionally. You might come across people who claim to be your friend but they might just not be there when you need them the most. While choosing friends, you have to ensure that you find someone with the heart of gold as it is said that all that glitters is not gold. The friendship of a person has an effect on our lives. When two people spend time together, they adopt their attitudes and behaviors. But the most important thing is that it should be worth it.

Historical references

There are many friendships which are popular in the world. These friendships are nothing less than goals for the present times. Who doesn’t know the bond between Karna and Duryodhan, or between Krishna and Sudama or between Krishna and Arjun or between Draupadi and Krishna.All of them stood by each other in the times of need. Not only that, they have mentored the other to take and stand by their decisions. These friendships are timeless examples that friendship is very important for a human being.


Finding a friendship that lasts a lifetime is actually an achievement. Friendship and friends are the pillars of life. They can either help you to stand or make you fall over in life. Good friends are good for life and a loyal friendship can be a great asset for ones’ life. Therefore, choose your friends wisely.