Short Essay on Child Labor

Child Labor as the name suggests is the practice where the young kids are made to work part time or full time in different economic activities. The practice of Child Labor is very common across the world and it is a punishable offense. Anyone seen practicing this can be sent behind the bar. Child Labor in India is very common and people make young kids work under them since the labor in such case is very cheap. What they don’t understand is that this practice is not good for the children. they get them engage in various harmful activities and in factories where the risk is very high and a child might lose his/her life also. People should be practicing this activity and must consider this as a crime.

Causes of Child Labor

The child labor in India is caused because of various reasons. The main reasons are poverty, illiteracy and the increase in population. The parents living in slum have no idea about the birth control and to live and survive they send their children to work in factories that helps them provide their daily wages. The government has taken measures to eradicate this but it will take a while to completely get rid of child labor. The other reason is illiteracy. The parents send their kids to work because they cannot earn enough to get them educated and also surviving becomes an issue. The increase in population also plays a major role in child labor. People should be educated about the birth control and they should be aware that giving birth to children will only complicate their lives. These things are the main reasons of child labor in the country.

Role of International organization

The international organizations like IPECL (International Program on the elimination of child labor) plays a major role in helping the government to get rid of child labor. There are many other organizations that play a major role and they work towards creating awareness. In India as well there are many NGO’s that works towards this and tries to eliminate this from the society. Since 2005, the Child Labor has reduced to a certain amount and it will take few more years for to get rid of completely.

Ways to Eliminate Child Labor

The main ways to eliminate child labor is to stop child trafficking. The other ways include educating the kids and making it compulsory as the country will grow if the country is educated. The other way to eliminate child labor is the get rid of poverty. These are some important things that one must be careful of. Also, following the law and making sure that those practicing this are punished. Children should not be encouraged to work for factories. These are things that one should be aware of and the country will soon be free of child labor.