Essay on Children’s Day for Kids and Students


Children’s day is celebrated on different days in different locations, around the world. Universally, Children’s day is celebrated on November 20th of every year. In India, it is celebrated on November 14th of every year, in remembrance of our first Prime Minister, ‘Jawaharlal Nehru’, who was fondly called as ‘Chacha ji or Chacha Nehru’. Children’s day in India is celebrated on his birthday. However, at first Children’s day was celebrated on the Second Sunday of June, in 1856. It was initially celebrated by Dr.Charles Leonard and it was named as Rose day.Later, it was renamed as ‘Flower’s Day’, which became ‘Children’s Day’.

Children’s Day Celebration

In India, Children’s day is celebrated on November 14th of every year and during this time, many cultural programs like Singing, Dancing, Stage shows, etc. and many competitions like puzzles, drawing, story telling, fancy dressing, etc. are organized in both schools and colleges. This day is celebrated as a way of paying tribute to our First Prime Minister of Independent India. Jawaharlal Nehru, as everyone knows, was very much fond of children and spent a lot of time with them. In order to remember him, Children’s day is celebrated Nationally on this day.

In schools and colleges, many competitions are organized and children participate in those competitions. Those who perform well in the competition are selected and prizes are given to the students who come in the first three positions, in those competitions. Many cultural programs are also conducted and this occasion is recognized as a grand fiesta each year. Even teachers participate in many programs and competitions. Schools and colleges arrange for lunch and distribute sweets to their students. During this day, students can wear any costume as they wish and it is considered as the most precious time for the students during their school days.

Motive of Children’s Day

Universal Children’s day is celebrated not only for celebrating the childhood days, but also to create awareness about Child labour, Slavery, etc. Many children all over the world are forced into drug business, armed conflicts and in many illegal businesses. In the year 1999, International labour organization declared the Prohibition and Elimination of Worst forms of Child Labour. We have to create an awareness among our children on the difficulties many children go through like Living on the streets, Poverty, Hunger, etc. on their life. By creating an awareness, the future generation will definitely find a way to stop these kind of activities forced against children.


Almost in all countries, Children’s day is celebrated on different days and the children of their country enjoy in their own way. In addition to celebrating, creating awareness about Child exploitation also plays a key role in these celebrations. We have to celebrate this day, in such a way that the future generation is well educated and devoid of these illegal activities.