PepsiCo Company Net Worth, History, CEO, Headquarter, Origin Country

Now, who here doesn’t know about PepsiCo company? They are one of the biggest companies in the United States right now when it comes to the Beverages and Food processing markets or niches. But did you know that PepsiCo is actually a century-old company? Yeah, that is true. It was actually a century-old story that started way back in 1898, however, the PepsiCo company that we now know today came into existence when the Pepsi-Cola merged with Frito-Lay. Just like that bold move right there, there was a lot of action going on in the past with PepsiCo. Many bold moves were made, some failed, and some really got hit and brought huge success. And if that seems intriguing enough to you and you just wanna know a little more about PepsiCo then you are at the right place because we are going to give you a quick lowdown on just that. Here we go.


PepsiCo Origin Country United States
Established Year 1965
Headquarters Purchase, New York, United States
PepsiCo CEO Ramon Laguarta
PepsiCo Net Worth $231.29 billion (as of November 2023)
Industry Beverages, Food processing

The PepsiCo Story

Way back in 1898, there was this pharmacist, Caleb D. Bradham, in New Bern, North Carolina. He mixes up something special, the first Pepsi-Cola. It’s his take on making something as good as Coca-Cola. People loved it, and in 1902, Pepsi-Cola Company became official. But things aren’t always smooth. After World War I, money problems hit, and the 1920s were all about trying to fix things. Then, in 1931, along came Charles G. Guth. He’s got new ideas for Pepsi-Cola, changes up the recipe, and starts selling this bigger, 12-ounce bottle for just five cents. This move really turns things around. Fast-forward to 1941, and Pepsi-Cola is joining forces with Loft, Inc., which makes candy and runs soda fountains. They keep the Pepsi-Cola name. 1965 is a big year for PepsiCo. That’s when they teamed up with Frito-Lay, Inc. It’s not just about drinks anymore, snacks are in the game too. They keep growing, picking up Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and KFC, and even jumping into drinks like Tropicana and Gatorade.

PepsiCo Financials

And when PepsiCo hit the 21st century, many bold moves were made by the people behind the company. Like becoming big in Russia for example. They actually became so big in Russia that no other company was even close in terms of market share when it comes to the snacks and beverages market. Moneywise too, PepsiCo was doing great, and it is still doing great in that department. Take their annual report from the last fiscal year for example. If you look at the revenue report from last year, you’ll find that PepsiCo was able to generate more than $86 billion in sales, which is kinda amazing if you really think about it. And with all that rich history and action that went over the years, PepsiCo has managed to grow at a level where their estimated net worth is a whopping $231.29 billion.