Bunge Limited Company Net Worth, History, CEO, Founder, Headquarter, Origin Country & More

In most cases, you don’t even notice or know about the company that brought the food to your table, quite literally. Yeah, you paid for it, but who brought it to the shelves of the supermarket nearby? That’s where the role of food companies comes into play, and one such company is none other than Bunge Limited. And you’ll be a little surprised to know that this company has been in the agribusiness and food sectors since 1818. That’s a really long time, and a rich history, if you ask us. Anyway, if you wanna know more about Bunge Limited, like how it actually started, who is currently in charge of the company, net worth, and things like that then keep on reading because that’s what we are up to today. So yeah, let’s get to it then, shall we?


Bunge Limited Origin Country United States
Established Year 1818
Headquarters St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.
Bunge Limited CEO Gregory Heckman
Bunge Limited Founders Johann Peter Gottlieb Bunge
Bunge Limited Net Worth $15.65 billion (As of December 2023)
Industry Agribusiness and Food

The Bunge Limited Story

Did you know Bunge Limited, a key name in global agribusiness and food sectors, started way back in 1818? Its founder, Johann Peter Gottlieb Bunge, began it all in Amsterdam. Then, in 1859, Edouard Bunge, a family member, shifted base to Antwerp. Fast forward to 1884, and they were expanding to Argentina, followed by Brazil in 1905, and eventually making quite the name in the U.S. In 1994, there was a big change. The company, known until then as Bunge y Born in Argentina, rebranded as Bunge International in Bermuda. This was part of a bigger plan focusing more on global agribusiness, leaving behind its retail food roots. By this time, their annual turnover was a whopping $13 billion! Then came 2001, under Alberto Weisser’s lead, Bunge stepped onto the New York Stock Exchange stage, evolving into Bunge Limited. It’s a story of big buys like Cereol in 2002, bagging oilseed giants Central Soya and CanAmera Foods, and in 2008, scooping up Walter Rau, a margarine maker from Germany.

Bunge Limited Financials

Back in 2017, Bunge Limited really caught the eye of some big shots in the industry. First up was Glencore, showing a whole lot of interest in snapping up Bunge. Then, come 2018, Archer Daniels Midland jumps into the scene, eyeing a takeover of Bunge. At that point, Bunge’s value was a cool $9.8 billion. Zooming ahead to 2023, and here’s Bunge making waves again. They’re all in the news for tying up with Viterra. And you know what they’re zooming in on now? Food science, that’s what! Thanks to all those bold moves, as of December 2023, Bunge Limited’s net worth is standing at a staggering $15.65 billion. And yeah, they’re also big on people, with around 23,000 folks on their payroll by the end of 2022.