Mahabhulekh Nashik 7/12 Utara, 8A & Property Card Details

Nashik District is located in the north-western region of Maharashtra and it shares the border with Pune, Konkan, Aurangabad and Amravati District. There are total 5 cities which are categorized under Nashik district and apart from Nashik, another popular city here is Ahmed Nagar.

Nashik is located at the banks of Godavari River and the famous Kumbh Mela is held in Nashik only. Another interesting part about Nashik is the wineries that are in the district. Sula is the homegrown brand in Nashik and the district is quite lucrative from an investment perspective as well. You can surely go ahead and invest in Nashik in real estate and the long term gain may go in your favour.

Today, in this article, we have listed the details of Mahabhulekh Nashik so that you can check the land records in Nashik before investing your life savings there. This will help you in ensuring that the deal is safe and secure.

Details that are available via Mahabhulekh Portal

The land records had always been available with the district offices and it can also be accessed with help of Mahabhulekh Portal now. The portal is available online for all citizen of India. The details that can be found on Mahabhulekh Portal are

  • Details of Property Owner
  • Details of Property including the Area of Property, Address of Property and Category of Property
  • Loan on Property

Steps to Check Mahabhulekh Nashik 7/12 Utara

You can follow the steps listed below to check Mahabhulekh Nashik 7/12 Utara

  • and from the select menu for districts, select Nashik.
  • Enter the sub-district, Village and Tehsil in the selection menu and this will take you to the page for the village.
  • Enter the details in the search criteria. It is possible to search the land records with help of Survey Number, Name of Owner or Akshari Number.
  • Once that is done, the list of properties satisfying the criteria will be displayed. You can then select the property that you were looking for.

The details of the land records will be displayed on the screen in a print-friendly version. You can now verify the details and match it with the details that are available with you.

This has surely added a lot of transparency to the deals and at the same time, the process is easy to follow because of the online portal.