List of Top FMCG Companies in Mumbai

FMCG refers to fast-moving consumer goods, and FMCG is all companies that manufacture and distribute goods that have a short life and an affordable cost, are quickly swallowed by consumers, and are produced in large quantities. These products are home care supplies, beverages, food, beauty and health products.

In the 2019 financial year, personal care and household products constituted the highest share of India’s FMCH market. On the other hand, the total amount of food and drink during the measured period was 19% (Source).

In 2020, the estimated cost of the same market was 110 billion (US$). While in the financial year of 2021, it was found that the FMCG market is estimated to account for around 25% of India’s retail market. This growth makes FMCH one of the most powerful industries in India. In this blog, we will also discuss the leading FMCH companies in Mumbai:

Top FMCG Companies in Mumbai

1. Hindustan Unilever Limited

A subsidiary of Unilever, this FMCG Company is considered the largest FMCG company not only in Mumbai but across the country. Founded in the year 1933, it is having its head offices in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. With 190 offices throughout different parts of India, they have been supplying various goods, such as personal care products, cleaning agents, beverages, food, water purifiers, and FMCGs.

Over 80 years, the company has been catering to the demands of 2 billion consumers with 44 brands distributed across 14 categories. In the previous year (2022), this company fronted the fastest-growing consumer goods companies with a market value of 5 trillion (in rupees).

2. Godrej Consumer Products Ltd.

GCPL, or Godrej Consumer Products Limited, is one of the largest consumer products companies located in Mumbai, India. Since its inception in the year 1897, the company has been successfully serving customers by offering ample products, including cleaning agents, skincare, personal care, etc.

Being the most renowned company, it has tied up with various sectors like consumer goods, real estate, agriculture and appliances. Not just India, Godrej Consumer has a presence in Indonesia as the second largest competitor as well as in Africa. Over the years, they have introduced tons of consumer goods that have been sources of steady growth. In 2022, the company projected revenue of approximately $1.6 billion with worldwide operations.

3. Parle Agro

Established in the year 1984, a Mumbai-based company, Parle Agro is well-known among our clients for its offerings in the confectionery and beverages segment, such as Baileys Soda, Frooti, ​​Apple Fizz, Packaged Drinking Water, etc. At its inception, it worked with its parent company, Parle, which was introduced in 1929.

Later it was grouped into three ventures, namely Parle Products and Parle Bisleri, and the parle agro itself. In addition to being the 4th largest FMCG Company in India and the reputed FMCG company in Mumbai.

It is earning a leading reputation in the Indian beverage industry with 76 highly unique production units for the FMCG industry. Parle Products Pvt Ltd estimated a 6.3% market share in the confectionery market in the year 2021. The brand saw a compound annual growth rate of 0.4% since 2017.

4. Marico Limited

Established in Mumbai in 1990, Marico Limited has produced day-to-day goods, such as edible oil, skincare items, men’s grooming, hair care, fabric care, and health items. The company has won customers’ hearts with a distinctive tagline, “Make a difference, ” and adhering to quality goods using modern technology.

Since many Indians nationwide use its goods, it has become the leading FMCG segment. In recent years, it has secured the 8th position in the list of Best Workplaces in India. In the financial year 2020, Marico Limited had estimated net sales of Rs 7 crore by distributing its goods in more than 20 countries across the globe. There is an increase in net worth in 2022, estimated at 12 billion Indian rupees.

5. Parag Milk Foods

Parag Milk was founded in 1992 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. This Indian company produces and supplies dairy products and milk. Under the Go brand, it is the second largest producer of paneer while the largest producer of cow ghee under the Govardhan brand in the country.

In the year 2017, the daily production of Parag Milk Food was estimated at 12 lakh litres. It has led to successful dairy farming in India.

6. Colgate – Palmolive India Ltd

America-based Colgate Palmolive Limited has its head office in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Founded in 1806, the company led the consumer product segment worldwide.

With various organizations across 20 countries, they have become a market leader in personal care and household goods. The most famous and successful product that helps the brand gain reputation is Colgate toothpaste. The company also leads in soap, detergents, and oral hygiene goods.

In the financial year 2022, the company’s total revenue was 51 billion Indian rupees. This was a hit compared to the previous year, when the total revenue was estimated at INR 49 billion.