List of Top Infrastructure Companies In Mumbai

India stands as the fastest growing country in the world, when it comes to real estate and infrastructure development. With this result, the Indian construction industry has seen amazing growth in its recent years.

Various infrastructure companies have come up in the forefront as top players, developing the most innovative and iconic infrastructure projects in whole nation.

List of Best Infrastructure Companies In Mumbai

1. Hiranandani Developers

Hiranandani is known for his innovative use of cutting-edge tools, striking aesthetics, and meticulous engineering in the construction of his signature residential communities and commercial hubs. Hiranandani ushered in a new era characterized by improved living standards and cosmopolitan lifestyles, altering the city’s skyline in the process.

It has become a premier real estate conglomerate in India and beyond because to its foresight in identifying emerging market trends and capitalizing on them in its primary construction sector.

2. K Raheja Corp

The K Raheja Corp. has made important contributions to the development of contemporary lifestyles through the construction of luxurious homes, cutting-edge workplaces, innovative hotels & convention centers, and exceptional commercial locations. K Raheja Corp creates coveted environments that stand out thanks to its one-of-a-kind features and amenities.

The organization has also pioneered the field of environmentally friendly construction. In 2007, it was a pioneer in the industry’s shared obligation to contribute to environmental sustainability by signing a MOU with CII-Green Building Association to build green structures.

3. Oberoi Realty

Their effects are far-reaching, affecting everything from domestic ease to workplace productivity, leisure pursuits to grocery shopping, and educational opportunities to recreational pursuits. Oberoi Realty is always striving to meet the needs of its clients by providing them with the kind of luxurious living arrangements that reflect the high standards to which they hold themselves.

Improving people’s lives is something of a guiding principle here; it’s the lens via which we see every project, down to the smallest of details. That’s why Oberoi is among the best infrastructure firms in Mumbai.

4. Godrej properties

Godrej Properties is among Mumbai’s top infrastructure companies. Godrej Properties is a real estate firm that applies principles of innovation, conservation, & quality. They have a trusted reputation built over 121 years, and each new project continues that tradition while also incorporating innovative design and technology. Over 13 million square meters of housing, commercial, & township projects are currently under development by Godrej Properties across 12 cities.

5. Bharat Infra

Since its founding in 1977, Bharat Infrastructure and Engineering Private limited. Ltd. has worked in the field of infrastructure and development.   Their simple beginnings have proven us that the key to success is in never stopping to improve.

They have developed a habit of perfection, and they’re never satisfied with anything less than perfect results for their clients. Their mission is to expand meaningful infrastructure via innovation in quality, innovation, durability, and aesthetics.

Since each undertaking faces its own special difficulties at the outset, it is accorded the special significance and meticulous attention to detail that it merits. Every time they tackle a new project, they get a deeper appreciation for spatial dynamics and raise the bar for themselves and the rest of the team by creating innovative, boundary-pushing experiences.

6. Pranav Infra

Pranav Infra is dedicated to serving the building sector with innovative, high-quality engineering solutions at competitive prices. To face the difficulties of the future and ensure their clients’ complete happiness, they strive to enhance their Architecture, Technology, Deliveries, & Services on an ongoing basis.

7. Sabari group

Over the course of more than two decades, Sabari Group has built a reputation as one of Chembur’s oldest and most reputable construction companies. They have established a solid reputation among its clientele over the years thanks to its successful forays into the housing, commercial, & retail markets.

They have been so successful because of its unrivaled ability to offer innovative concepts while yet keeping high quality standards and meeting or exceeding client expectations in all areas.

8. DB Realty

Since its inception in 2007, DB Realty Limited has come a long way to cement its position as India’s preeminent real estate development company. Their success is quantifiable, but their reputation is based on their commitment to creating exceptional homes, businesses, and gated communities.

This is the primary factor that put them among the top infrastructure firms in Mumbai. That’s why, despite the difficulties, they’re dedicated to our purpose of delivering on the promise to each of the stakeholders through the development of high-quality projects in all of our target markets.


Infrastructure is the most important industry in India and the country’s second-largest employer after agriculture. For the next four quarters, the Indian Infrastructure industry is forecast to expand at a moderate rate.

The above-mentioned list includes the top companies of Infrastructure in Mumbai, you can check out their official website to learn more about their projects and workings.