List of Top Elevator Companies In Mumbai

The rate at which India’s infrastructure is being built out is at an all-time high right now. Multi-story buildings, flats and residential apartments have turned out as common thing today. The value and demand of lifts and elevators has exponentially increased.

One can find various elevator providers around, providing the different elevator types and amazing prices. Here is a complete list of top elevator companies in Mumbai

List of Best Elevator Companies In Mumbai

1. Blue star elevators

In the year 1995, Blue star elevators came into existence. It is centralized in Mumbai. This company is having 20 years of expertise in elevator manufacturing, known for quick delivery speeds and proffer best customization.

They step forward for offering premium solution for vertical transportation needs in India. Their list of top clients includes leading companies, developers and builders of India.

2. Schindler India

Schindler India, it is a name that most of you must have heard. Being a renowned manufacturer of escalators, elevators and related services, these experts put safety factor beforehand in terms of their product making or construction. They are the ones that offer customers with premium services and provide utmost customer satisfaction.

3. Jetelevator

They is a leading company which is licensed by Government and engaged in supplying, installing and elevators servicing. They keep their eyes on all the markets & always try exploring opportunities to offer best elevators to their clients.

They started performing collaborations on both national & international level, and entered a segment of home elevators during their expansion spree.

4. Hitachi

With one of the highest market shares in Japan, Hitachi is expanding into many countries where its products transport millions of people every day. Its products are admired worldwide because of their high quality and reliability.

Combined with innovative product technologies, Hitachi is able to respond to the growing demand for best vertical transportation solutions like elevators. Hitachi Lift India continues to upgrade the vertical transportation system by using global premium technology for their clients’ Indian society & for their client’s projects.

5. Escon elevators

It is a premium name in elevator companies list. This company established in the year 1990, and has its head office in centralized place of Mumbai. This elevator is popular for its great engineers and technocrats. Its whole process of manufacturing is preceded by using finest integrated facilities when it comes to research & development.

The scope of maintenance supervisors, lift engineers, & technicians and higher in India. One can find wide variety of elevator models from Escon elevators that makes them different from its competition.

6. City Lift India

This company has been in the industry of elevators since its three decades. One can count city lift India Limited company in world class solutions of transportation provider that holds wide variety of products for offering it to their clients.  One can reach them anytime for excellent customer services and customizable solutions. Additionally, they have made the best breakdown response system for catering customer needs.

7. Bharat Bijlee Limited

One of the most prominent elevator manufacturers in Mumbai is Bharat Bijlee Limited. Products and services span a broad spectrum to meet the needs of its customers. Their products and services have a stellar reputation. They are a reputable company that provides customers with peace of mind.

Here a group of skilled engineers and technicians work together to solve any issue completely. Whether you’re in the market for an elevator, escalators, or any of the related products and services, look no farther than Bharat Bijlee Ltd.

8. Fujitech

Elevators and escalators are only two of the many offerings from Fujitec, a world-renowned corporation. Fujitec’s subsidiary in the country is called Fujitec India Pvt Ltd, and it’s based out of Mumbai. Elevators, escalator, & moving walkways from this manufacturer are available for use in homes, businesses, and factories.

9. Express Lifts

Located in the Indian city of Mumbai in the state of Maharashtra, Express Lifts Private limited ltd. The company, which has been around since 1995, sells a number of different kinds of elevators. In addition to selling elevators, they also offers maintenance, installation, & repair services. The company operates in multiple locations across India and has installed elevators in both private and public buildings.


As there is an increasing demand of elevators and lifts, it has become important for any owner or builder to select the best elevator manufacturers. This can ensure them that they will get the high-end quality elevator.

It is important as a buyer for you to choose from the best elevator companies of Mumbai, so that you can be satisfied with their service and maintenance facilities, and can also avoid unexpected difficulties in future.

For your upcoming commercial and residential project, consider contacting the top elevator companies in Mumbai mentioned above.