Liberty Car Insurance: How to Buy & Renew Car Insurance Online

Liberty Car Insurance ensures that your pricey possession i.e. your car gets the optimum insurance protection in case of damage or loss. The insurance aims at taking care of the A-Z of the issues starting from its repair expenses to third party liabilities.

What is Liberty Car Insurance?

Liberty Vehicle Insurance is a plan devised to provide the best service to an individual when it comes to taking care of all aspects of their vehicle. From damages incurred due to an accident, to repair parts that have been exhausted over time, and damages caused due to the natural calamities- the policy provides a wide-range of features and benefits that prove extremely profitable for the customers.

Liberty motor insurance policy offers extensive coverage for accidental damages, third party liabilities, personal accident cover, zero depreciation etc.

The user of Liberty car insurance doesn’t even need to worry about finding a trustable repair workshop, since the Liberty General Insurance Co. Ltd. has over 4300 garages working with them, ready to assist the individual with all kinds of technical or mechanical issues that might come up during the term of the policy.

 Why Choose Liberty Car Insurance?

Having the right car insurance is more essential than having car insurance in the first place. It is important to ensure that the policy one opted for considers all the extra coverages required by an individual when it comes to vehicle care.

Liberty car Insurance comes with many additional features that can be added to a standard plan in order to leave no stone unturned when it comes to providing the best service to the customers. The plan is flexible towards premiums, renewals, customizations, portability, and much more. Some of the reasons you should opt for Liberty vehicle insurance are:

  • The insurer offers cashless services at a vast network of 4300 registered garages across the country.
  • The insurer allows you to transfer your existing policy with another insurer to Liberty car insurance, without having to compromise on the accrued NCB.
  • The various types of add-ons help you boost the basic policy coverage to an extensive level.

The insurer offers all-round assistance when it comes to claim settlement, which makes the process quite fast and hassle-free.

Liberty Car Insurance Features

Car insurance is meant to help an individual out when the damage that they have suffered becomes too expensive to overcome. With the same idea in mind, liberty car insurance provides some key features which any individual can avail with ease, at any given time.

  • A widespread lattice of more than 4300 garages to avail cashless benefits
  • Variety of plan options to choose from
  • Quick and uncomplicated settlement process
  • Bonuses and saving options on the basis of claim history
  • Portability options for all benefits and bonuses earnt
  • Additional features to personalize the plan as per the requirements of the person
  • Helpline and customer care services available 24×7 for your assistance
  • Water damage caused to the engine
  • Coverage over the misplacement of car keys
  • Savings on membership with the Automobile Associations of India

Benefits of the Liberty Car Insurance

Road accidents are unfortunate and cause severe monetary damage as well. At such times, the Liberty Motor Insurance provides quick resolutions and appropriate financial aid to enable an individual to redeem such losses. Some of the benefits covered under this plan include:

  • Coverage of fatal accidents, including disability cover as well
  • Generous compensation in case of physical harm to an individual
  • Facility for a cashless claim process required at urgencies
  • Risk-free purchase and renewal processes
  • On-the-go services for times when one is stuck on the road.
  • Saving options on the use of devices meant to prevent theft
  • Damage due to fire, including automatic ignition and blasts
  • Coverage for damages to car accessories

 *Benefits can only be availed according to the conditions given in the policy brochure.  Additional benefits are subject to an extended premium amount. 

 Types of Liberty Car Insurance Policies

Liberty Car Insurance offers two types of car insurance plans that an individual can choose from depending upon the best-suited list of coverage and benefits for them.

Liberty Package Policy

This plan proves very beneficial, considering the soaring rates of machine repairs and inflation in the costs of various parts of a vehicle. With this plan, an individual has a wholesome framework of support at the time of an urgent need.

Policy covers the following:

  • Coverage is available not only for the vehicle’s damage, but also for third party liabilities.
  • Coverage for own damage to the vehicle due to natural and man-made calamities.
  • Compensation for the repair of the damages due to accident or collision.
  • Additional covers to ensure safety from even the market depreciation.
  • Customizable features on extended premiums.
  • Damage incurred due to riot, strike, terrorism etc.
  • Portability of the policy is allowed even the accrued NCB can be transferred.

Liberty Liability Only Insurance

This Liberty Motor Insurance plan fulfils the basic requirements of any car-owner; to have a backup in case of an unforeseen accident or damage causing third party liabilities. However, having the basic car insurance cover that is Third party liability cover is mandatory by the Motor Vehicles Act of India.

The policy covers the following:

  • Coverage available for liabilities arising out of an accident.
  • The policy covers third party property damage up to Rs 7.5 lakh.
  • In case of third party death causing by an accident, the liability amount can be unlimited or decided by the tribunal court only.

No coverage is provided for:

  • Damage is caused to the insured vehicle
  • Injury suffered by the insured
  • Physical injuries inflicted upon the individuals inside the vehicle

Liberty Add-on Covers

Apart from the above-mention basic coverage, the policy offers add-on covers at additional premium. These include:

  • Depreciation Cover
  • Consumable Cover
  • GAP value cover
  • Passenger Assist Cover
  • Roadside Assistance cover
  • Key loss cover
  • Engine safe covers

Eligibility Criteria to Buy Liberty Car Insurance

Liberty Car Insurance offers its services to all the car owners across the country. The insurance is meant for everybody who wants to ensure the best condition for their vehicle at all and any given time.

The required criteria to apply for the insurance are:

  • Indian Nationality
  • 18 and above years of age
  • Driver’s License is issued to the applicant by the government.
  • The Registration Certificate of the vehicle being insured

Claim Process of Liberty Car Insurance

On the occurrence of an accident, or damage to the car, the Liberty Car insurance provides seamless claim settlement process. The aim is to make the claim process as easy as possible for the customer within the least amount of time so that the individual is well equipped to deal with the situation.

To raise the request for a claim, one can submit a hardcopy of an application to the nearest branch or mail the request on the official email ID available on the official website of Liberty General Insurance Co. Ltd.

  • Physically going to the nearest branch of Liberty General Insurance.
  • Sending a written letter of application to either the nearest or the registered branch.

Documents Needed for the Claim Process

The following documents are required to claim Liberty Car Insurance:

  • The registration number
  • The policy number
  • Phone number/contact and name of the policyholder.
  • Address of the site of the incident
  • Details of the garage where the damaged vehicle is present
  • Details of the driver, along with their driving license
  • Details of the FIR
  • A statement describing the order of events pertaining to the damage
  • Details of all the casualties
  • Rough amount describing the total loss incurred

Additional Documents in case of Accidents and/or Thefts

  • A completed and carefully filled form requesting the claim
  • Original Registration Certificate and driver’s license along with one photocopy of each
  • FIR documents (if applicable)
  • Report from the fire brigade, in cases related to such mishaps
  • Records of bills for repairs in case the individual applies for reimbursement
  • Legal paperwork (if applicable)
  • Documents like a No Objection Certificate (NOC) and an agreement pertaining to the compensations

For any claim request that has been made to Liberty Motor Insurance, the company will investigate the damage of the reported vehicle physically in the garage where the car is present. After the investigation and confirmation of the said case, the claim request shall be eligible for approval.

Liberty Car Insurance Renewal Process

Updating the terms of the Liberty Motor Insurance policy and timely renewal is essential for ensuring that one has a backup at all times, in case an unfortunate accident or such a conflict arises.

Liberty Car Insurance Renewal process is absolutely hassle-free. The process does not require any additional documentation than the ones submitted at the first registration time. An individual can choose if they wish to renew the plan online or not, as per their convenience.

For the online process, some quick and easy steps need to be followed if you wish to renew the policy:

  • Log on to the any website and search for car insurance. Once you reach that tab, select the renewal option.
  • You will be asked for some details like the policy number and car details. After filling in the details, you will be able to see the details of the policy you have opted for.
  • After reviewing the details and making the changes that you wish to, the next step to be followed is the payment, which can easily be done via online methods such as net banking, online money transfers, UPI, Electronic Wallets, etc.
  • Liberty Car Insurance Renewal is done with getting the renewed policy mailed to your registered email Id.


If it is easier for you to physically do the process, you can simply visit the branch that is closest to you or even the branch from where the policy was purchased initially.  For any further queries for Liberty Motor Insurance, you can dial up the toll-free helpline number, active throughout the week- 1800-266-5844.

 How to Buy Liberty Car Insurance?

Before purchasing car insurance, the primary concern is selecting the best-suited plan among the various offers available to you. To make this easier, you can log onto online website, where you can compare all the different plans side by side according to the certain filters that describe your requirements. Online comparison is essential to understand the benefits of a given plan and decide upon the plan that fits your financial criteria.

The online purchase mode is the easiest way to go about the Liberty Motor Insurance purchase process. Only some quick steps are to be completed in order to have the insurance that you want right at your doorstep.

  • Selection of the type of plan you require, in accordance with the insurer’s terms and specifications.
  • Selection of any additional benefits or customizations that you would like to include in the plan, to enable a better service
  • Selection of the premium amount you are comfortable with and deciding if you would like to opt for deductibles so that you are entitled to a lot of savings.
  • Once you have decided upon all the above conditions, the purchase formalities are initiated.
  • You now need to provide your details- name, age, nationality, income, etc.
  • After verifying the details you have provided, you can move on to making the payment.
  • You can select how you would like to pay the premium, there is an option for making the payments in instalments or EMIs, and you can also choose the EMI amount that is convenient for you.
  • The policy documents would be sent to your email, and you can get them printed. You will also receive a physical copy of the entire set of documents via the postal service at your registered address.
  • In case there are any corrections or changes to be made, you can log on to the official website for Liberty Car Insurance or use the helpline number available for your assistance at any given time. You could also visit the nearby branch for the same.

Documents Required to Buy the Liberty Vehicle Insurance

The Liberty Motor Insurance policy is available only to India’s citizens, and certain documents need to be submitted for the identity verification of the customer to prevent any malpresentation or risks.

At the time of purchase, the following paperwork would be needed for a complete application and smooth formalities:

  • ID Proof– This can be verified using your passport, DL, PAN Card, Aaadhar Card, etc.
  • Address Proof– These can be provided via bank passbooks, telephone or electricity bills, and even passports or licenses
  • The most recent photograph (passport size)
  • Copy of the Driver’s License
  • Copy of the RC for the vehicle
  • A copy of the bill from the automobile seller


Q.1 How can I go about the premium payments?

Ans: The premiums for Liberty Motor Insurance can be paid altogether, or in instalments. There are options available for the EMI method of payments as well. The customer can easily choose the EMI amount convenient for them and go ahead with the formalities.

The payments can be made through online modes such as net banking/UPI, etc., or also through bank deposits or deposits in the nearest branch.

Q.2 Can the insurance be renewed after the due date?

Ans: If you miss the renewal date, there is no need to worry. An individual can renew the insurance within a grace period of 1.5 months after the expiry date, beyond which the policy is terminated, and a new policy needs to be purchased.

Q.3 How do you find the branch nearest to your residence?

Ans: It is very simple to look for a branch of Liberty general insurance near your place. If you are finding difficulties in locating a branch, you can simply log on to the company’s official website and enter your location, after which a list of nearby branches will be shown to you.

Q.4 Why do I need a deductible?

Ans: The deductible amount is the sum that the customer is eligible to pay to the company at the time of claim. This amount varies with the premium amount selected at the time of purchase of the policy. This is essential when a small amount of sum is being claimed to protect both the policyholder and the insurance company’s interests.

Q.5 Why is the Insured Declared Value essential?

Ans: The Insured Declared Value or the IDV is the amount or the price of the vehicle being insured, as quoted by the manufacturing company of the automobile. This value is important for an individual since it becomes the deciding factor when it comes to choosing the premium amount of the policy one wishes to buy for themselves.