Future Generali Car Insurance Add-On Covers

 Future Generali Car Insurance Add-Ons Covers: An Overview

Future Generali Car Insurance Add-Ons Covers is an ideal choice for the users who are looking to have a better coverage for their vehicle and get the best value for their money. Though the basic car insurance of the insurer is enough for covering the vehicle, the Future Generali Car Insurance Add-Ons Covers can help you get an even better value of money. These covers come with multiple benefits that make it an ideal deal for vehicle owners.

Reasons to Choose Future Generali Car Insurance Add-on Covers

A few of the top reasons why you should consider buying Future Generali Car Insurance Add-Ons Covers are listed here. Try them and then decide whether you should go with the Future Generali Car Insurance Add-Ons Covers or try any other insurance and top ups for your vehicle.

  • Personal Accident Coverage

Personal Accident coverage is the first and most effective benefit that you should be considering while buying the addons for Future Generali Car Insurance Add-Ons Covers. By this add on, you are eligible to get the personal insurance that will help you get the best cover if you don’t have separate insurance for yourself. The added benefits of personal insurance make you worry-free from any personal injury.

  • Cashless Servicing

Cashless servicing is another important add on that you can avail of by choosing the Future Generali Car Insurance Add-Ons Covers. This add on ensures that you don’t need to pay the money from your pocket for the servicing. There are over 4000 authorized garages across the country that provides cashless servicing for the Future Generali Car Insurance policy owners.

  • Better Coverage for Both Own-damage and Third-party Liabilities

Future Generali Car Insurance Add-Ons Covers offer better coverage. Whether it is property damage or personal injury to a third party or own-damage, these policies come up with additional coverage that keep your savings protected.

Types of Future Generali Car Insurance Add-on

The types of add-on cover available under Future Generali car insurance are:

  • Zero Depreciation Cover: It covers the depreciation cost.
  • Theft or Loss of Keys: Reimburses for loss of the car keys.
  • Loss of Personal Belongings: Covers loss of personal items inside the car such as laptop, mobile etc.
  • Tyre Damage: Reimburses for tyre burses, bursting, puncture etc.
  • NCB Protector: Protects your accrued NCB in case of a claim.
  • Engine Protector: Damage of engine or gear box, leakage of lubricating oil etc. are covered.
  • Return to Invoice: In case of total loss, this cover pays the shortfall between the insurance amount and the actual price of the vehicle mentioned in the sale invoice.

Things to Consider About Future Generali Add-On Covers

There are a few important things that you should consider while choosing the car insurance add-ons from the insurer. Go through them and try to keep them in mind to get the best performance

  • They Should be Renewed with the Policy

The first thing that you need to keep in mind is the add-ons must be renewed as usual once the policy tenure is over. Also, this will help you rethink whether you need a particular ad-on or not.

  • The Company has the Right to Discontinue a Policy Add-on

It is not essential that the add-on you chose for the current policy tenure will be available for the next year too. The company can discontinue the particular add on and introduce a new one for the buyers.

  • No Coverage under Add-ons is Offered in case of Illegal or Rush Driving

If you do not have the required papers or license to drive the vehicle, or are involved in a drink and drive case, the policy along with the add-ons will lapse.