How to Write Police Complaint Letter

In today’s world we have many reasons to know about each and everything in detail. One of such things is to practice how to a write police complaint letter. This may be helpful in various occasions like if we lose our mobile or any of our gadgets or if we lose our wallets along with the debit or credit card etc. In this article, we have given the sample format of the police complaint letter. In this format, let us consider we are lodging a complaint of wallet theft.

Sample Format


The Police Officer,

XYZ Poice Station,









Respected Sir,

Sub: Request for lodging a complaint for my ‘Wallet Theft’

I travelled today on a MTC bus, with my wallet in the back pocket of my jeans. When I got down, I was not able to find the wallet in my pocket. Immediately I stopped the bus and searched for my wallet on the bus, to know if I have dropped it by mistake. However, I was not able to find the wallet. I regret to inform you that, I am willing to lodge a complaint on two of my co-passengers, who was standing behind me during the travel. Even though I do not have any proof against them, I sincerely doubt them due to their unusual behaviour. Kindly enquire them and if possible the other co-passengers, so that I can get my wallet back.

Items in the Wallet:

Colour of the Wallet: Biege

Company of the Wallet: Woodlands

Amount in the Wallet: Around 1000

SBI and ICICI Debit Cards

Original Driving License, PAN Card

Please help me in recovering my wallet back.

Date: XX-YY-ZZZZ                                                                                          Yours Faithfully,

Place: XYZ                                                                                                       (Signature)


We have given a sample police complaint letter of wallet theft and hope this will be helpful to you, if you require to write a police complaint in future.