Essay on My Ambition (Aim of Life)


“A man without ambition is like a bird flying without directions”

It is a true saying and it implies that aims and ambitions are very important for a person to grow and develop in life. But there are many people who aims and ambitions die in their growing stage. Almost every person has an ambition in his or her life as it is the ambition which leads us to achieve a definite goal of our life. Having an ambition in life enables us to be more absorbed and focused and should motivate us to struggle and strive hard to achieve an aim that we have set in for ourselves. Ambitions can differ from an individual to individual. Some people may aim to become a lawyer, an engineer, banker, a teacher, a doctor and may want to join Indian Foreign Services or Indian Administrative Service, Army, Navy or Air-force. Some may want to become philosopher, commercial pilot, a scientist, a poet or writer, an artist or a musician. Whatever one wants to be, he or she must decide early as for a young person there are lot of options available but you need to make up your mind about your profession.

My ambition

I also have am ambition in life and that is to join the army and be an army officer. It is surely very difficult to achieve but serving my nation and the citizens of my nation is my dream. Hrithik Roshan’s Lakshaya inspired me greatly and as I saw in many other movies, I now know that it is very tough to be one of the army officers. I would really love to protect the people and serve the country. It is due to our defense forces who guard our country day in and day out so that we the citizens of India we stay away from danger when any kind of crises come across. They are miles away from their families but they ensure that the people of this country are safe. They sacrifice rest and comfortable life and serve the snowy and windy hills of Kashmir and deserts of Thar, sea coast and Himalayan regions of India. It is my dream to serve my motherland.

With so many fights going on these days, things are very tough but even then I would want to be a part of the prestigious Indian Army. I wish I receive the Paramvir Chakra for serving my country. I wish to contribute as much as I can to protect my country from any dangers that come. Being in the army is an honorable things and I want my parents to be proud of me for joining the army and serving my country.


To sum up it depends on your interest and choice but it brings a great incentive for our life. Ambition is something that you can pursue and never get tired to move and try. You might face a number of tribulations but a person who doesn’t give up on ambitions is a true person and nothing can deter him to reach to his goal.