How To Transfer Property From Grandfather To Grandson In India

In most religions, property and wealth are passed down to the next generation in India. The belief is that this is the right thing to do, and the person who’s going to inherit the property will certainly use it for their own good or pass it on to the next generation. Without a doubt, a person’s children have the right to his or her wealth and property, but if you’re wondering whether the grandson has the right to his grandfather’s property or not, we’d like to assure you that the grandson does have such rights in India. However, property transfer directly from grandfather to grandson isn’t very common. But in some situations, this is the right thing to do. And that’s why we are here with a detailed guide on how to transfer property from grandfather to grandson in India. Let’s get down to it then.

Grandfather To Grandson Property Transfer Scenarios

Transfer Property

  • The very first scenario could be where there is no one who directly has the right to the person’s property except his grandson. In this case, if the grandfather is still alive, he can directly transfer his wealth and property to his grandson, or if he’s not alive, then his death certificate would be required for property transfer.
  • The second case could be where that person’s sons and daughters are still around, then they will be the ones who’d have the right to their father’s wealth and property over the grandson. But if it is the grandfather’s will that he wants to pass on his wealth and property to his grandson then he for sure can do that. However, NOC or No Objection Certificate will be required from the sons and daughters of that person.

Document Required

Here are the documents that you need in order to transfer property from grandfather to grandson directly.

  • NOC (No Objection Certificate)
  • Property Documents
  • Stamp Paper
  • Death Certificate (If Needed)

In case the grandfather is still alive, then obviously you won’t need a death certificate, and the whole process of property transfer would be much easier. It would be better to have the NOC from all the people who can have any objection in the future, like other grandsons and daughters. If you have the NOCs of everyone who has a birthright on your grandfather’s property, then you can save yourself from future family disputes if you already have NOCs from them.

Process Of Property Transfer From Grandfather To Grandson

First of all, you’d have to buy the stamp paper, and then mention the situation and detailed description of the property. Along with that, you’d have to attach a copy of property papers, NOCs, and death certificates (if applicable). Then you’d have to present these documents in the Tahsildar Office, and from there the documents will be added to the database, both online as well as offline.

It’d for sure take some time to gather up all the documents together and prepare the stamp paper document. Don’t take the NOC requirement lightly, if you don’t attach the NOC of other grandchildren or any other person that has the right to your grandfather’s property, then you might get into trouble in the future. That’s why it is always necessary to clear out all the troubles before they are planted.

The whole documentation thing could be a hectic task to handle all by yourself, that’s why we advise you to hire an advocate to do this for you. This way you’d have a person’s help who does this for a living, and the chances of any errors and anything like that would be much slim if an advocate prepared the documents on your behalf.